How to Build a Brand on Shopify (Private Label)

How to Build a Brand on Shopify (Private Label)


In this video, I am outlining the exact steps of how to build a BRAND on Shopify. This is not about dropshipping. This is private labeling, something a lot more sustainable for the long term. Continue reading below.

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Shopify dropshipping from AliExpress is not the best way to build a business on Shopify. If you want to build a real business that you can scale, you have to take control of everything. The only way to do that is to have control over the products you sell and how they are sold.

As promised, here are the 11 steps to building a real business and a brand with Shopify. (1) Identify a niche product (2) Get samples (3) Private label the products (4) Order first shipment (5) Setup your store (6) Setup social media pages (7) Create content ie influencers (8) Promote the content (9) Optimize store by using data (10) Do good business (11) Rinse repeat steps 7-10

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  3. While the information wasn't anything I didn't already know, the video quality was absolutely amazing – keep it up brother!

  4. Who keeps getting that Shopify is dead advert prick?

  5. I really thank you buchanan

  6. Great content. What you think of my branding aspect? Would love to have ur expert view

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