How To Build A One Product Dropshipping Store with Shopify (2019)

How To Build A One Product Dropshipping Store with Shopify (2019)


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Today, I will be showing you how to set up a one product dropshipping store using Shopify. I will be showing you everything step by step in this full length tutorial.

One product dropshipping is an amazing way to get started with dropshipping as it allows you to solely focus on one product and use all your efforts into marketing that product. I hope you enjoy the full tutorial, please be sure to give the video a thumbs up if you do and make sure to subscribe to the channel

One Product Shopify Store Preview: 00:00:00 – 00:02:43
Benefits of One Product Dropshipping: 00:02:44
Type of products that work with One Product Dropshipping: 00:04:49
The Perfect One Product Store: 00:05:09
Features VS Benefits of a product: 00:06:43
Examples of good products for One Product Dropshipping: 00:07:27
Picking a brand name for your store: 00:12:16
Purchasing a domain name: 00:15:08
Signing up for Shopify: 00:15:37
Installing Oberlo: 00:17:30
Importing your first product: 00:18:42
Choosing a product title: 00:20:13
Writing the perfect product description: 00:22:47
Pricing your product & pushing to your store: 00:31:19
Choosing a theme: 00:35:20
Getting the perfect product images: 00:36:38
Customzing your theme (Hero Image): 00:43:13
Choosing store fonts & colors: 00:49:54
Adding a gallery to your store: 00:53:43
Creating product images with Canva: 00:54:53
Adding text & images to your gallery: 00:59:12
Adding a product video to your store: 01:05:53
Editing your product video: 01:07:09
Uploading the product video to YouTube: 01:13:40
Uploading product video to your store: 01:15:14
Adding Anchor Links to Shopify: 01:19:26
Finishing off your landing page funnel: 01:27:45
Adding Images to your Product: 01:36:28
Editing the menu: 01:41:30
Creating a logo: 01:42:58
Creating a Returns & Refunds page: 01:49:01
Creating a Contact Us Page & Form: 01:53:16
Creating a Privacy Policy page: 02:01:19
Creating a Terms of Service page: 02:10:17
Creating a Shipping & Returns page: 02:14:23
Adding a footer menu: 02:23:11
Adding a Currency Converter app: 02:29:01
Adding a Sales Timer app: 02:32:24
Adding an Abandoned Cart app: 02:42:53
Connecting a domain to your Shopify store: 02:51:03
Adding an announcement to your store: 02:51:55



  1. I am giving away a dropshipping store created by me! To be in with a chance of winning the store, head to and enter in your email address. Be sure to comment 'Chilkoot Ridge' down below too!

  2. This video is awesome! It is far richer than scam courses I see online. Super thumbs up for you!!

  3. How do you make sure that the product that arrives at least looks like it has your logo on it and maybe accidently not another brand from the alibaba express seller?!

  4. Also Abandonment card app is completely different than you shown and there is no guidance or anything to use it , its incredibly hard to understand how to use that …. like no way , you should check it out …

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  6. I have a quick questin. Is this Privacy Policy GDPR friendly, if not can we make it easily GDPR complience?

  7. Woow! As a total newbie this video has been mega helpful & sooo easy to follow!! I watched it twice; 1st time through to get head round it then 2nd time created my store from scratch!! Its now live, thank you tonnes man 🙏. Any chance you could check it out for me Elliott 😬? Have emailed you (it's live so would rather not post it here) Cheers mate! I've subed here & of course on foundergo 👍I'm ready to be your student success story lol!!!

  8. Hey Elliot thanks for this video, however, I don't know how to link the learn more button to the last image and text section cause I have my first section linked to my video section already and I don't really want to link two CTA buttons to the same section! Hope to hear back from you soon! Thanks!

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  14. Great Video, thanks Elliott!! This videos literally helped me all the way through my first store, however, can you show us how to link the learn more button to the last picture and text content you added? Cause I've already have a video and I linked my first CTA button to my video, so I'd love to know how to link the learn more button to the last section of my store. AGAIN, much appreciated man!!!! Cheers

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    It doesn't show on my side

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  17. Chilkoot Ridge

    I love your videos! i want to succes in shopify

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