How to Choose a Great Name for Your Shopify Store

How to Choose a Great Name for Your Shopify Store


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Choosing a domain name for your Shopify store is an important first step. Your Shopify brand name is not the end all, be all but it is important. You don’t want to mess up your Shopify store name because it’s a pain to change, but at the same time, don’t stress. Decide and take action. The Shopify business name generator should help you out.

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  1. It doesn't show if the .com is available from the results page anymore, but I'm assuming that means they ALL are available.

  2. it doesn't show the option if the domain is available

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  4. What are your thoughts on selecting a general store name? such as
    I have a shopify store in progress. Currently I am in the the learning phase so I have been watching bunch of videos and reading articles and blogs. I am not sure what I want to sell or select as my niche. Therefore, I created a store name that is very general so I can select from different niche options and test various products. It does not mean that I am going to sell random products. In my opinion, it would be easier to pivot if a certain niche, product or both are not working on my website. What are your thoughts on this?

  5. Great video . help me alot !

  6. I wanted to name my shopify store crystalstreet, but I don't want to only sell crystals. I might sell anime themed stuff, rings, popsockets, and fidget spinners. Would this be a confusing site name for people shopping or would it not really be an issue. Thanks for your videos information! 🙂

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  8. hey.. when you open a general store, do you have to private label all the product that is going to be in the store.

  9. Great video like always. Question, do I need a business name for my Shopify as simple as a DBA? I'll be doing Dropship and t-shirt on demand. Please advise. Thanks!!!

  10. love the content. this is high quality man!

  11. so helpful! thank you!

  12. I won't get any sales. Can someone tell me why?

  13. Thank you for this I am not new but god thanks, I need a new name domain for my store!

  14. Hi bro, I hope you are doing well. Bro what do you think choosing a Amazon Pay as a payment gateway on shopify store? Thank You

  15. Thanks. I just found your channel and subscribed. I do have a good name registered for my upcoming Shopify niche store but will delve right into the other videos and training!

  16. Good tip- some other useful ones to find good names are: , lean domain search, and

  17. 1st Comment <3
    Love Ur Videos Bro ^^

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