How To Contact Instagram Influencers For Shopify Dropshipping

How To Contact Instagram Influencers For Shopify Dropshipping


The best way to contact Instagram influencers for Shopify Dropshipping.


  1. The one thing i can't find out how to do is how to dm people

  2. A way to save time in engaging in influencer marketing is through the use of a tool called influencer auditor to avoid fake influencers

  3. Love the video. I always like to make sure that I treat the influencer as a human, to have higher chances of getting an answer.

  4. Do I need a niche related IG page for the shoutouto or I can do well without it? I just want to get my ad featured on their story that's it!

  5. A fire emoji probably won't work anymore as a lot has probably used it. Might as well use an Eggplant emoji. LOOL!

  6. whats DM's?…………it like a whole new language this stuff lol

  7. Can you share an email template?

  8. What's up @HaydenBowels Ireally enjoy your content. I have troubles still with dropshipping Because I use only my smart phone and I don't know how to set up oders. Shipping and make a decent looking enough web page. Can you do a video on dropp shipping completely from a smart phone step by step from finish to end including leverage.
    I also have a few more questions but ik your busy so when you get the chance can you email me

  9. Dude thank you so much for uploading these videos. Like seriously Thank You

  10. Tryna getting the 500… you crushed it

  11. Hey Hayden! Thanks for the good tips – do you mind sharing your "Subject Line" for e-mail? I find it's the most important for open rates.

  12. Value. Highly recommended.

  13. but for DM has to be from the mobile only, right?

  14. What do you think of influencer agencies, like; viral, etc.

  15. What is sample copy that you put in the body of the message or email? Do u throw a price out right away?

  16. Great Video! Do I pay the instagram influencer before or after the shoutout?

  17. Great content and very straight forward, thank you!

  18. Hey hayden good stuff Thanx alot bro could you show us an example where you actually hit up an influencer Thanx

  19. just what i'm looking for! thanks bro

  20. Hayden you gotta make a facebook ads tutorial! Im banking off influencer marketing but I cant seem to get facebook ads down whatsoever! Thanks in advance.

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