How To Convert Link Clicks Into SALES (Shopify Proven Conversion Tips)

How To Convert Link Clicks Into SALES (Shopify Proven Conversion Tips)


In this video I go over some proven ways to make more link clicks convert into sales with your shopify stores.

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  1. Another $20 GIVEAWAY TODAY 😀 Rules: Comment ONE thing you are going to implement that you learned from this video and SUBSCRIBE. Thats it!!

  2. Thank you Arie ! I have a question: what do you do to get traffic in the first place? Have you used some apps for traffic/marketing from the shopify app store?

  3. —— my new store 3 days just built

  4. 1100 link clicks in two days, US only…. no sales…. DAFUQ!!!!!!!

  5. really enjoyed hearing your perspective on how to treat the business!

  6. We can make product promotion video for you

  7. You're pretty legit Arie good stuff

  8. I have even lowered my offer so i don't know why i aint getting any more sales. I know its not a conversion issue with my website because i wouldn't have 7 sales already

  9. i've had 3 sales on one product but i am not getting anymore sales. What possibly can i do to convert. Is it a losing product or shall i just stop my ads and try another product. Or is it my budget that is letting me down – i got two adsets at $5 and one adset made one sale and the other made 2, but its been 4 days now and i haven't seen a single sale, only initiate checkouts. What to do?

  10. Mirco-tesing specific audiences to heighten my conversion rates and to see which had a better effect. To target a working specific interest audience that are actually buying!

  11. Can you make a video on how to hire and train a VA please.

  12. Great Video! A good piece of advice I learned, and something that helped me in another business, is to record yourself performing tasks. Make it an instructional video so that you can train your VA's when you get to that point. Then once you've hired them, just send them the video or give them the link, and then test them on the information. That worked well for me and I'm not spending time on training new VA's.

  13. How much for the course that you’re releasing on the 29th?

  14. I learned how important customer service is and I will hire someone to do it for me.

  15. What time will be the Live Stream?

  16. Why do I feel this is based on one of my posts in the FB group. Stop it.

  17. I’m gonna work on making my description short and to the point but still enticing !

  18. Arie i got really important question! When you open new store.
    Is it better to make new ad account with fresh pixel? Or us the same account with pixel data, but the store is in different niche.

  19. Just learned about bulk pricing offer, i will definitely implement that on my store!

  20. Thank you for the wonderful information! It is a big help for newbie in ecom like me! Godspeed Arie Scherson! Looking forward for the workshop!

  21. Hi, great points bro. But where you place these 'pain points' with which your product is dealing? In the same category?

  22. Can I also write " Buy 2 get 1 FREE " as a Offer Or is this more like a Upsell

  23. This is what i am going to implement after watching this video: i am going to work on my photos for the ads because it is the first thing that a person sees, if it fails nothing works! Thanks for the advice bro🙌🏽

  24. Damn man, amazing growth.
    Been here since like 2k

  25. I'd implement that description style, haha my description is always messed up a little

  26. another one great video,, 🙂 with great content bro

  27. Restructuring my descriptions!

  28. Spot on. Even good web designers still too often focus on desktop. If you're running FB ads, 90%+ of your traffic will be from mobile!

  29. Hey arie, thanks for the value. Im going to be implementing the bullet points from here on out

  30. Thank you Arie -great stuff

  31. Most likely going to impliment some kind of satisfaction guarantee into my descriptions or product templates. 🙂

  32. true story i didnt check my email for 4 weeks because i thought my email admin and email paypal was same >_<, after check my email admin I am surprised how many people try to reach me and asking where the product >_<.(lucky only one people open the dispute :))
    -Thanks arie for the knowledge you share, currently make 150-300$/day with 30% Profit right now.

  33. Hi, first of all, I don't mean to be rude or mean in any way but could you please review my store? The link is

  34. One thing im going to implement: Optimize for mobile phone & start outsourcing my business

  35. The bullet point feature and benefits

  36. Do you have a course ? Love your content man ! 🙂

  37. Solid offers.. Customers likes offer

  38. once i create my lookalike audience from my facebook pixel, will i be included in it? because i visited the web page that has the pixel but i just want to create the audience with the other people that visited it (not including myself), is there any way to do it?

  39. hey arie awesome value! Instead of your ⭐ hack I use ⏳ emoji along with limited time caption to create scarcity and Im seeing good results too. Never would of thought of it if it wasn't for your initial tip!

  40. Hey Arie,
    Checking out The X Games Today? 🚲

  41. How do you convert a lot of add to cart into sales?

  42. if you posted this video a week ago I wouldn't have lost like $300!!

  43. Going to test products and find a winner this month

  44. I have a winning product only by using LLA's. How would I go about scaling that LLA to worldwide or is that not possible?

  45. I will try bullet point with a small paragraph for my description 👍🏽

  46. Good Customer service is crucial to having a solid business and I also have an example :Facebook, they are all about they customers/consumers because without them there would no Facebook aswell as no companys ands brands marketing on Facebook!
    Great value btw 🙂

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