How to Create a Shopify Store or Website From Scratch

How to Create a Shopify Store or Website From Scratch


I use Shopify because it’s easier to use when it comes to eCommerce stores. They are designed for this reason so that’s why I use them. I build the stores then advertise on social media and Facebook while bringing in profits. It’s called drop shipping and it works really well.

Once you have signed up to Shopify you need to choose a theme, I suggest the Minimal theme because it has a recommended item section below your products. Now you want to start a collections page, this is going to be your category page on your Shopify store. Now would be a good time to sort out all the legal stuff, head over to the checkout section and generate all the legal documents you need.

When you learn how to create a Shopify website it’s important to do things quickly, time is money. I use a plugin called Oberlo to import all the products I want to promote. This will also let you fulfill all your orders on Aliexpress with the click of a button making it super simple.

Remember when you create the store you want it to be fresh and clean. All we want is for people to come to our website and buy products. We don’t need distractions. Only load 6 item on the store to start off with when promoting. If you want to know how to do this then using oberlo is the best way. It’s also a good idea to learn how to use other plugins.

When you build the Shopify store website is important to make it nice and clean but also be fast, you want to get the website up and running as fast as you can. Choose a branded domain to catch people attention and get sales.

When I learnt how to create a Shopify website I didn’t have anyone teaching me how to build the store I had to do it myself. Create something awesome so people will buy off you. If you have any questions I can help you, this is an awesome way to make some money online by promoting your products


  1. Awesome video Franklin! thank you, i have aquestion. where is the link for the safe guarantee image ? i realy cant fint it. please help me!
    best regards

  2. Awesome stuff. I actually found this Fiverr gig that creates the entire store for you from scratch, so I've started using that because it's so easy.

  3. uuuu el video este metetelo en el ano pelotudo

  4. hey man, like your videos by the way. so im createing a shopify store but the product im trying to ship can only ship with a minimum of 10 sets. how can i sell 1 at a time to my custumers

  5. I know this isnt talked about much in the video but I 1000% recommend Instagram as a starting place for Everyone on Shopify! Sooooo over the past two weeks I've made two shopify stores, the first store made about 700 in a week. For my first store I spent literally 20$ on instagram promos that weren't very effective. Then I sold a whole bunch of Free + Shipping items from passive traffic to my Stores Instagram bio. This just shows how powerful passive traffic is… All I did was target the right people using a really really good Instagram Growth service… basically I posted good and relevant content to the niche, I set the service to target similar pages in the niche and people who follow hashtags in my niche. Basically i started gaining 50-150 followers per day and since my IG looked good and my product was highlighted in the bio i got a whole bunch of website traffic and got the 700 in sales. All organic, the shoutouts i did only count for about 50$ worth of sales….. so 650$ in a week from organic traffic….

    I rebranded to focus on my winning products, made a new store and since Monday im at $550 and this time im selling my products full price so im making about 15-20$ per sale…. I started fb ads as well, made like 3 sales from that but still 450 from a 10$ shoutout and organic traffic, you really can't beat that.

    Ive made at least 4 or 5 failed Shopify stores before this success, and at the end of the day you still have to have a good niche, good product, and good IG content but having this service really helped me get the data and the organic traffic I wanted. Ill drop the link to the service if anyone wants to try it, all it does is rank you high on the hashtags for your niche, boosts your engagement like crazy and of course will help you get a ton of targeted niche specific followers and thus Organic traffic. If you're struggling and want to start pulling more organic traffic and start growing your Online businesses IG this will help, but remember GOOD CONTENT IS KEY! Good luck everyone and I wish you success! My Personal IG if you have questions: @itzlaton

    Heres the link:

  6. Is this still relevant ??? and profitable ?

  7. I'm just getting started and this has been very helpful! Thank you!

  8. Hi, thank you for a great tutorial. Do you have the link to the McAfee image you used. TIA

  9. Thank you for taking the time to show how to make a Shopify store from start to finish. I really appreciate your efforts and video. I will keep your advice in mind about mobile traffic.

  10. Hello, if anyone new to e-com need help in setting up shopify store contact me ill do it for FREE!!

  11. Excellent video, thank you.

  12. How did he add a ''sales'' button on the products themselves. I must have missed a step

  13. There's also tictail which is a really good, clean, base for a starter shop

  14. its keep saying unsuccessful and i cant see the purchasing menu which i should able to see fil my credit card details so i can buy the domain but i don't get to see that i just see red unsuccessful message comes up

  15. Some reason i cant go through domain and i asked to shopify and they said could be my bank problems ,,, but thing is when you make you shop page they check your credit card to do a 14 days trails. does it has to be credit card not debit card ? because i was using a debit card or is that not working because i did on Sunday late night does it has to be business hours? i m from nz too..

  16. How to remove the Featured Collections Above the Pictures ?

  17. someone uploaded all ur shopify videos..ive been searching for more ideas i happen to find the same videos under someone else..Travion Washington

  18. hi how i can join you in onlinedime or in your pages on fb.

  19. One of the best videos I have watched in a very very long time, great qualitty , perfect pace in one word great.. thank you for sharing such a valuable information.

  20. what if the niche you choose is water pipes and overall smoking products and the products website says eyerything is copyrighted. would you get in trouble for listening said product on your shopify?

  21. freaking commercial for a min ??????????????????????thum down

  22. awesome vid, love your content it's very clear to the other videos I watched. Keep it up

  23. flamedomain is not working anyone else? sql error

  24. I added drop boxes in my collections how do I get my items to pair up with each separate section?

  25. Can I get the McAfee link @Franklin Hatchett

  26. Hey man I am building a website using this video as a guide. I was wondering where I could get that image with the guarantees in it to put in my product descriptions.

  27. Thanks for the Oberlo hook up Franklin. What do you suggest we add in the "Global pricing rules" fields? Cant find anything online the reviews this

  28. do you recommend a countdown timer for products for your first store?

  29. Hey just wondering where you get the mcafee screenshot from.

  30. Hi Franklin great value. How do I get the security,mecafe image?

  31. Hey bro, any chance you could share the McAfee image please?

  32. Hello Franklin what if someone order product from non-usa conutry where is shipping too expensive ?

  33. Awesome bro any app that is free that works like oberlo

  34. Franklin I would like to say thank you for this amazing video it really helps a lot!!

  35. Hi Franklin,
    I have a question for you
    If I sell a product with this method ,but my costumer live in Europe or Australia for instance ,
    the shipping time will be around 30 days even more .
    Do you think is better just advertise in the United States where the cost and the shipping time are more effective??
    Thank you for all your video!!!really helpful and practical!!!

  36. I'd like to thank you for doing this I've learnt this a lot myself before watching your videos but you have a really good tutorial. also other people try to scam people into teaching this.

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