How to Customize Your Shopify Store Design in 2019

How to Customize Your Shopify Store Design in 2019


In this step-by-step video tutorial I am going to walk you through customizing your entire Shopify store in just 30 minutes using the Handy Shopify Theme from Pixel Union.

After watching this tutorial you will feel confident editing your theme design for your Shopify store no matter what theme you are using.

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  1. This is how-to Shopify video is excellent. I like that you go in a logical progression. And, I appreciate that you are not rushing thru the steps such that you leave us behind. Superb! I've bookmarked you for future reference.

  2. I think Nopsbit theme is very good option as well. You can easily customize it more than other themes, and it has all the apps you need included so you don't need to pay much monthly.

  3. Is there anyone there can teach me how to customized my Search,cart and login Icon?

  4. What app do you use for backup on your store?

  5. Hi your instructions for customizing Shopify a store is simple, thank you very much. ? Do you link your personal social media is your Shopify store to places ads?

  6. This voice is terrible – I cant watch.

  7. This is exactly the video I was looking for. That was a great introduction. Thank you! Subscribed!

  8. How come your photo fit the slide. Mine i can't even resize it because i don't know how to do it

  9. Hello,
    I want to add Multi vendor tab on the page, where I can sell products that are different to the products I sell. I want that to be on separate a separate link on the theme I use, Fashion-city. How can I upload other vendor products and display them separate, not displaying my products when visitor clicks Other vendor link? It should display only my page be default on landing page. When visitor clicks on "Multi vendor products" link, it should display only their products. Let me know how this can be achieved using shopify?

  10. Can you do a video on the Ciloe theme from Evanto? Sure could it!!!
    And I subscribed 🤭😇

  11. Thanks for putting together all these videos. They are very helpful !. I have recently put up a website using the Startup theme in Shopify and I was wanting to offer a Discount Code for visitors who enter their email address in the "Newsletter" subscription area that is standard to the Startup theme, but was unclear how to do this. I have created the Discount Code after watching one of your videos and have just created a Mailchimp free account, but I am unsure how to have the Discount Code automatically emailed to the visitor once they enter their email address. I assume this means creating an email template in Mailchimp for this purpose (?), but I am really uncertain. If you could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated. I will also be setting up a "pop-up on exit" using Justuno as another means of capturing email addresses. Thanks again

  12. We usually have collection page and product page, what is the diffidence between them? Anything special we should pay attention to collection page? Thank you very much!

  13. Great video, its exactly what I need. Thank you very much!

  14. Did you follow along with me in customizing your Shopify theme? Post in the comments below and let us know what theme you are using for your store.

    Also check out the Handy Shopify Theme by Pixel Union here:

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