How To Deal With AliExpress Shipping Times – Shopify Dropshipping

How To Deal With AliExpress Shipping Times – Shopify Dropshipping


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How to deal with AliExpress shipping times for Shopify Dropshipping. These are the things you want to do to keep customers happy with the long delivery times. These are the best ways to deal with AliExpress shipping times for Shopify Dropshipping stores.

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  1. Has the shipping time for epacket to US has increased. Right now it's showing me 35 to 40 days for product delivery to USA. Kindly let me know, if those are the current delivery time for epacket or I am searching now. Appreciate your help. Thanks.

  2. Hi Brennan,
    so you mean the shipping time you will put on the description for the item but when customer chooses the shipping method on the shipping page it still show 2-3 days for first class USPS?

  3. How to consolidate products from many manufactures? How to do the warehouse fulfillment and ship parcels from China to worldwide customers? The experience of this company is nice:

  4. If 1000ppl buy from me, do i order 1000 Times from aliexpress? Explaine please. Because NO one does

  5. Hey does anybody here want a premium dropshipping store designed for free including a logo?

  6. Can you please give us a template that works with you 😀 Thank you

  7. Thanks a lot for useful information, that is what beginners need to know. Hope you will continue posting content like that, it is so informative

  8. Do you give an aliexpress numbers to your customers? or is it better not to give them a tracking number?

  9. I would like to start drop shipping, but i don't know much about suppliers and how to even set up my Shopify store please help

  10. Just getting my store finished up and ready to publish. One thing that has had me confused and I've not been able to find much info about. After Importing my items to my website, what do I need to do to ensure during check out those products are paid for and shipped? Am I wrong to assume it's suppose to be automated?

  11. I just started my store. Be my sensei!

  12. First Time here! You got a different style of presentation. Liked it. Subbed 🙂
    Keep creating awesome videos 🙂

  13. hey do youship international

  14. Great drop shipping tips. Thanks for sharing.

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