How To Do Shopify Dropshipping Under 18 (as a minor)

How To Do Shopify Dropshipping Under 18 (as a minor)


Hopefully this provides some insight as to how anyone under the age of 18 can get started with Shopify Dropshipping. Be creative and be resourceful. If you want it bad enough, you will find a way…



  1. Can u please create a shopify store for me ?

  2. How would this affect the adults taxes?

  3. so if you start it while you’re a minor, then you turn 18 is there a way to switch the SSN? Or does it really matter? Does putting their SSN mean they “own” the business?

  4. Do I have to pay any income taxes when I’m 15?

  5. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  6. That's my parents too

  7. I want to trade stalks too before 18, can you make a video about that

  8. How about PayPal account?

  9. If you're parents sign, are their assets at risk?

  10. just curious on how taxes work with shopify?

  11. Can someone please explain whether this legal or not? How would this affect the adult's taxes??

  12. thank you bro for some reason i did not think about this now i can finally thanks man!

  13. Wouldn’t the person who signed for you have to pay the taxes for it and wouldn’t it basically be seen as their income by the the government?

  14. The only problem for me is getting a credit card

  15. Yeah, I just said I was born in 2000 instead of 2001 lol. Hope it works

  16. Dosent this affect your parents taxes?

  17. Your parents aren't being immature, they are protecting their assets.

  18. Hi I am only 14 and I needed this video for the help. Thanks so much

  19. Hey Haden I was wondering if you can change this after your 18?

  20. What about wordpress with woo commerce though?

  21. So next to the SSN do you put your date of birth or the parents?

  22. Hayden I need HELP! None of my parents/family will sign for me to do dropshipping on Shopify because they think it's a risk or could bite them down in the near future…How can I go about dropshipping now? (JUST turned 17 Years Old) Help is much appreciated, thanks brother!

  23. Thanks! My stepfather and mom didnt like me doing shopify. So i have to find someone to it

  24. thank you so much im gonna show this to my dad so he will let me use his

  25. I'm 17 and can't apply for a credit card, but have a debit card. Do you need a credit card to purchase a Shopify plan? Thanks.

  26. I actually started my Shopify store by myself as a minor. I put my real SSN but just said I was 18 and it went through without a problem… hope this doesn’t get me in trouble later on but it’s been two weeks and nothing has happened.

  27. Hi man! I got a few questions you didn't include in the vid.
    How do taxes work?
    Is it automatic?
    I researched some stuff, it is also considered tax evasion if you get away with not paying taxes even earning money via internet.
    If I get enough income I should be liable for tax right? or is it depending on age? if so.. am I actually able to earn money without paying tax?
    I got lot of questions. :/

  28. Haha parents said same this

  29. Can you please do a video on how to get paid and how to put in your credit card details in order for you to get paid thanks

  30. Hold on a minute! Did you sell a Instagram program called LeadFriend before?

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