How to drive traffic to your Shopify store using Pinterest

How to drive traffic to your Shopify store using Pinterest


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Discover how you can grow your Shopify store using Pinterest.

Pinterest is a great social media platform for driving sales to your Shopify store.

You can get more traffic and customers from Pinterest.

Take great pictures of your products and when you pin the on Pinterest, make sure to include a link to the product page.

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  1. Man finally a basic video that’s to the point.. so many videos with complicated marketing etc… completely skips the essentials. Why don’t people start from step one! Thank you. 🙏🏽

  2. Do you need a business license and address to create promoted pins with your items, or is there a way to go about creating promoted pins without the business license and address?

  3. This video explained nothing. lol… This was basically a " how to use pinterest " video

  4. suprb.. quility and amazing video
    first seen on youtube. i Liked your
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  6. Very informative video, Pinterest is indeed an effective way to drive more traffic to your e-commerce site. As many customers prefer using Pinterest so in order to gain traffic you have to engage with them. You can increase engagement by pinning consistently so that pins appear in the feeds of your followers.

  7. Thanks for this great tutorial!

  8. This video has helped me so much. Thank you so much

  9. Great Video.. thanks Justin

  10. someone explain how this is anything about shopify. the title is click bait. waste of time. thumbs down. it doesnt go into anything at all about shopify and pinterest buyable pins etc

  11. Awesome video! Really helpful. Thank you so much:)

  12. This video has nothing to do with generating traffic to a shopify store…

  13. I wanted to know, how to find that particular t shirt from Pinterest

  14. Informative video, but I'm not sure how it generates traffic. Also, wouldn't you want to go and EDIT your pin to give the URL specific to the item on your store?

  15. Good video, thank you

  16. Hi, nice video! I just don't get how following and pinning other people's boards and pins will get people look at your profile/boards/pins and then get them to go to your online store?

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