How To Find The Perfect Shopify Niche In 2019 | Step By Step Guide To Finding A Profitable Niche

How To Find The Perfect Shopify Niche In 2019 | Step By Step Guide To Finding A Profitable Niche


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Hey guys! In this video I’m gonna go over some ways of finding a great Shopify niche that can get you started with making passive income. There’s a list of key criteria that the perfect niche should abide by and I’ll be going over each and every one of them, with examples.

Now — what is Shopify?

Shopify is an amazing tool that makes setting up a dropshipping store super easy. Dropshipping is an extremely powerful business model that requires no upfront cost, where you list products on your Shopify store and only after someone purchases your product – that’s when you purchase it from your supplier, leaving you with passive income and PROFIT!

Hope you guys enjoy! 🙂


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  2. what is the deal on aliexpress are the items always on sale or do you contact them after you get to really selling and see about getting a exact amount each time etc?

  3. Hi Dan great video about choosing a Shopify niche. Not to long ago I had a store and the niche was athleisure. That keyword recieves 10k-100k searches per month according to Google Keyword Tool with low competition. I had 38 sales in 6 months and unfortunately I had to stop due to health reasons and being in and out of the hospital several times. It was not on a sub-niche of athleisure, it was a general athleisure store selling a variety of athleisure products and accessories. In addition I also had around 15 sign ups for my newsletter that I was sending using Mailchimp. I am interested in giving it ago again and would like your input, thoughts and suggestions realted to the niche.

  4. Shopify Dropshipping. Highly input contents you have there, Dan. Awesome as always

  5. Shopify dropshipping

    Awesome video as always Dan.

  6. Hey Dan. Thank you for all this valuable information, I love your videos! One question, when you say build a brand, using Skeleton as an example, do you mean private labelling? I know for that you usually need to go through Alibaba and work directly with suppliers and have the product shipped in bulk. This is more of an advanced stage my husband and I want to work towards going forward but for now, as we're just starting out, how can we build a brand on Shopify using Aliexpress without private labelling? Are the top sellers using stock photos for their social media pages?

  7. Awesome stuff! Just researching and getting started with shopify, great video was always Dan!

  8. Shopify dropshipping. Thanks Dan for all this information.

  9. Thanks for sharing I think you're genuinely changing lives with this… Oh and also -Shopify dropshipping!

  10. Shopify dropshipping

  11. can you do a video on private labeling dropshipping products? (e.g: skeleton optics)

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