For those who are getting started with Shopify Dropshipping and need to know how to start fulfilling orders the right way, this video explains it and shows how to do it! Realized I have something on my lip at the end but f it, the content is still fire!


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  1. hey Sebas! can we do this on bulk?

  2. So if you get 5k orders you have to do this process 5k times?

  3. Mine doesn’t have the yellow button only fulfill manually

  4. 1:47 at the bottoms where it says enter payment method do you enter you’re own credit card info?

  5. so you have the chrome extension installed on your chrome im lost

  6. Quick advice will it automatically change the status to fulfilled on your store

  7. Is there an automatic way for me to notify my customers when their order has been actually shipped

    They order something > Get a confirmation email > then when aliexpress store actually ships item i get the tracking info to my customer

    Only doing a few orders a week this would be easy to do manually but once you get up to thousands of orders a month i can see this getting hard

  8. HURRY UP! Buy already working store!

  9. What if you fullfill on shopify

  10. Thanks Sebastian, take it hard!

  11. I have a question what if you don't have enough money to fulfill orders like do you use your money you made from the sale and pay or you need some money in your account already to do so

  12. Is it supposed to put any of your personal information when oberlo is doing all the automated fast stuff?

  13. Man, How can i fulfill an order when my customer checks pay on delivery method?
    Because i can’t Find a way on aliexpes to send the product, and Take the money from customer(my price, not real price from aliexpres) and then put the money in my account.
    Thank you !

  14. Hi bro great video, thanks for the value, how do i send the traking number to the client, the aliexpress status says "accepted by airline" or do i have to wait?

  15. can i not be an American but get into this shopify drop shipping business from other country ?

  16. This helped SO much! Your were right about the adrenaline rush, I was so excited lol. Thanks for posting xx

  17. so do i fulfill the order on oberlo app from shopify or ali express? do i need to make an aliexpress account before fulfilling my first order?

  18. Hey thank you for this video Sebastien! I am new to shopify and oberlo and after making my first sale I did proceed to order but the order status is "Order placed" and the order doest not appear in aliexpress. Do you know whats going on?

  19. i just fulfilled 2 orders on oberlo, but it still shows they need to be fulfilled on shopify?

  20. How do you count your revenue (each payment you receive from shopify you record excel?) orders? (I guess you record it per every purchase excel for example)

  21. Your content is amazing! I'm pretty interested in crypto currency as well and I would love to see a video where you invest your money, something like a "how to do it" or whats important while buying it and so on…would be amazing!

  22. Is there a fast way to fulfill orders fast if you get over 50 sales a day?

  23. Glad you actually made the video dude!

  24. So you get the tracking from the Aliexpress supplier a couple days after ordering. What website do you enter that tracking number in to track the package? And does it vary depending on supplier?

  25. In Oberlo you can preset notes to seller to let them know to not include invoice so you won’t have the type it in every time.

  26. I have a question is it worth selling halloween products?

  27. Once you get ton's of orders a day. Do you hire a virtual assistant to do this? Or is there a automated process?

  28. Where's my shoutout btw😆👌

  29. For some reason Ali express made me verify my account already. I only made around 5 orders and they're already making me verify, it's super annoying.

  30. Hey I got a question about ordering the product from the AliExpress do you have to use your own money to get the item for the customer or does the shopify sends the money from the customer straight into yours PayPal so you don't have to spend your money?

  31. What if a bunch of my orders are getting closed after I purchase them?

  32. Hey bro thanks for all the knowledge ir dropping. Definitely learning heaps. Just a question… if I'm starting a new store is it needed to have followers on my IG account or cam I start influencer marketing with no followers?  Thanks again

  33. Awesome Video Orbelo Does the automatic " i am dropshipping message " you need to set it up in the settings

  34. I see those editing skills have improved a ton!

  35. Woo!! Let's get it boyss🙌🏼🔥

  36. Shit, are you American? I have never met an American Sebastian.

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