How to Get 300+ FREE Instagram Influencer Shoutouts for Shopify/Dropshipping

How to Get 300+ FREE Instagram Influencer Shoutouts for Shopify/Dropshipping


No clickbait! Here’s how to get 300+ free instagram shoutouts for shopify/dropshipping!

Here’s the text on how to contact small shout-out pages:

“Hey there! I love your page, it’s awesome. We are actually looking to partner up with some new influencers, and we have a product that we are sure your audience would LOVE!

If you would be interested, we would like to offer you the chance to work with us.

Normally we only work with influencers with over 100k followers, we love your content we’re willing to make an exception for you.

All we ask you do, is simply repost this picture and tag us in it, that’s it.

We can also provide you with a unique discount code to provide even more value to your audience.

We only ever hear AMAZING feedback about this product, it fits perfectly with your audience, will encourage engagement, and will not come across as an advertisement.

If you’re interested in this, then let us know as we are looking to team up with new influencers.
Based on the results of the photo you share for us, we will analyse the quality and quantity of traffic it refers to our page and website, and then we could potentially start paying you for shout-outs, allowing you to start monetising your page and get rewarded for your hard, creative work.

Either way, it’s a win-win solution for you, because our product has proven to provide super high engagement for audiences similar to yours, and provides you with an opportunity to work with us.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our enquiry, and we look forward to potentially working with you soon. Have a nice day”

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  1. How would I offer a discount to one person for two weeks?

  2. uncanny resemblance to Lord Bailish (G.O.T)…

  3. uncanny likeness to Lord Bailish.(G.O.T)

  4. Thank you for your valuable advice. I am thrilled to test out the microinfluencer niche! Keep up with the good work!

  5. Amazing Content Man! I'm Going to try this out. I was thinking if I open up a Christmas Gifts store and promote cool gifts & products as Q4 is also approaching. What do you suggest? Should I go with it or try A niche store.

  6. Hey , love your account ! Glad to see you 're as a passionate about #niche as we are .Would you like free product ?
    We want to offer you the chance to win a free _____ , and to enter all you have to do is repost any product off our Instagram and tag us. Winners announced weekly !

  7. When doing influencer marketing recently, try opting for tools such as influencer auditor , it helps audit your influencers and avoid fake influencers

  8. You are amazingly strategic and you make it sooo simple! like breathing! Trully amazed by your strategies and I am putting them into action. Thank you so so so much for sharing!

  9. I need your help. I have set up an active discount code on my shopify trial store. However, I don't know whether this is due to my theme but, there is nowhere to type a discount code on the checkout page. Can anyone help me?

  10. Thank you sooo much!! Your soo realisistic I have been watching your videos for over 5 hours in the past 2 days I am learning everything I can from you before I launch with Shopify thank you so much! Wishing you the best!

  11. 1.1k th like mate keep up the good work..going to try this method

  12. Great video, insane value, just subscribed, Rock on Man!

  13. Great stuff. I have a physical product, cbd hemp tinctures gummies etc. How would you promote physical goods on IG? How about giveaways, contests etc promoting the brand? I need help. Thsnks Spencer

  14. Love this guy so much valuable information hard to take in but watch the vids a lot thanks!

  15. Great tip thank you. Have only just started watching your videos, and the different between 2018 and November 2017 is quite amusing. Nice channel though thanks

  16. This is crazy man! I loved it. One question, how do we make coupons on shopify/reward automatically with discounts people who share our product on instagram? Have you done any tutorial already regarding this? 🙂 thanks again!

  17. Plzz How To Create Registration link plzz

  18. Aye Mate!
    My question pertains to the first case study regarding Free +Shipping method. I am hearing all over the Internet and particular here in YouTube that this business model of free plus shipping is Huuuuuuuuuuuuugeeee (not to sound too much like Trump).

    Why do you think it backfired on this company?

    Nanaimo, BC

  19. You should make ebooks. It would be cool if I just had these slides to quickly skim through! Cool video!

  20. I might have mentioned this on another video, but I am a Psychology instructor. Love your use of Psychology concepts! kuddos 🙂

  21. Thank you so much!! your video gives some unique info that i did NOT find anywhere else!!

  22. This channel is so good, I actually don't want to click like so more people find out about these concepts and methods.

  23. What about if you're a tiny account

  24. Hi Adam,I cannot thank you enough for all the information you have shared with us absolutely free,the gurus would be screaming for payment for a tenth of what you have shared with us..
    Thanks Adam..I have one question mate…I dropship from Amazon and Ebay,I have no interest in Shopify,,,could I still get an influencer to shout out for me if I gave them my Ebay details…Joe.

  25. awesome stuff as usual ! You should do voice over 🙂

  26. youre a great teacher bro. i love your videos!!!! keep it up.

  27. RE, you’re one of the most amazing kids out there! Thank you for your information!!

  28. Dm me for shoutout @hdphoto1234

  29. Likes your videos. You presents it so good and clear. Thank you for sharing and helping

  30. everyday I learn new stuff from u ma man? — keep in touch, ok?

  31. Great video, you are really realistic

  32. Every YouTuber says pay for influencers but you look for things in between the lines it’s really amazing never thought of this

  33. Mate, you are a fucking genius. Seen some great dshipping channels but yours is the best. Learned so much over the past few days haha! Keep it up bro!

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