How To Get Influencers To Respond Fast (70% response rate) – Shopify Dropshipping

How To Get Influencers To Respond Fast (70% response rate) – Shopify Dropshipping


Once I implemented these three tips I saw an over 70% response rate
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  1. Thank you for this Nash!
    Where did you buy followers/where would you recommend doing this to not risk getting account shadowbanned, etc? Cheers

  2. Thanks Nash, valuable vid!!

  3. Great video! I appreciate your videos!

  4. AWESOME AWESOME CONTENT!!!!! Super helpful. I subscribed. Going through and watching all of your videos. Thank you for being genuine and transparent.

  5. Hey Nash great content. Quick question. I have a store in fashion niche, so i tried to contact niche pages, so basically i was targeting influencers from 10k to 500k. I found some great ones from 50k to 150k, great engagement, legit and original content, but they all want from 100 to 300 dollars for each post. Its crazy to me cause all the "gurus" are telling to not pay more than 30 $ for page that size. So my question, is it worth it? Have you done something similar?

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