How To Make $100,000 DROPSHIPPING In 2019 And QUIT Your Job! (Shopify Tutorial)

How To Make $100,000 DROPSHIPPING In 2019 And QUIT Your Job! (Shopify Tutorial)


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In this video I show you the strategy I followed to make $100,000 in less than my first year Shopify Dropshipping which allowed me to quit my job.

We are going to cover the 3 core elements that go into a making a successful dropshipping business which are winning products, a good shopify store and effective Facebook Ads.

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DISCLAIMER: Any information or advice I give is purely based on my own experience and research. There is no guarantee as there are many variables that will impact your success. Everything stated should be taken as opinion.

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  1. The value you offer is incredible, thank you!

  2. I watched to the end! Fab! Any viids on how to make videos?

  3. Hi Jack, first of all, your content is pretty sick and I feel like there is good value from your videos, so thanks for that!

    I currently have my own estate agents in London and have been running it for five years now, we are a small family run business and I work in partnership with my dad. He is retiring at the end of this month and I am in a position where I am desperately looking for a career change, I have given my blood to this company and although we are relatively okay, I have failed in general many many times trying business after business since I left school 15 years ago! My question to you is this, considering the amount of information online (i have been obsessing over this type of business for a while now) how do I know who to take seriously? Everyone is an entrepreneur, everyone runs the best facebook ads, everyone is a guru and has their own blog and everyone is an instagram influencer, everyone drives a lambo and owns a house looking at the sea, i really feel like 90% of what i see is bullshit, and i hate being so negative because im not a negative person at all. I want to move in to the world of eCommerce and I want to wind down my current business and invest my time and money in to something that I know i would much rather be doing, and enjoy. If you would be so kind as to give me some pointers as to how to really seriously get started in this industry, i would be grateful.

    I have researched endlessly about suppliers, manufacturers, drop shipping, bulk buying, epacket vs freight and bulk, different sales platforms, winner vs loser products, up selling, facebook ads, re targeting, different selling platforms, ad scaling etc etc etc.

    Although i am asking for advice, i have done my homework and im not lazy and asking for a quick fix or anything like that.

    If you would be so kind as to take a few minutes to give me some real personal one to one advice so that I can move forward on this and give myself the best chance of success, because I want to stay for the long run, and build something great… IF you could do that – dude, i would be eternally grateful, if not, its all good and keep up the great content !

    Good luck and thanks for reading!


  4. Great videos thanks!! Are you saying though that you would have a general store to test a product and then have a store solely for a product that you think will sell well?

  5. all your videos are super clear!!! super helpfull ! thank very much bro !! God bless you !!!!

  6. Commented at 31:46 when you said to comment if you are still watching ;). GREAT VALUE AS ALWAYS BROTHER!!!

  7. Im adding this video to favorites , keep going man and good luck (y)

  8. The breakdown really helps 👍🏻

  9. Watched the entire 32 mins so u weren't talking to yourself at 3am.

  10. Top video bro nothing but VALUE 🔥 keep it up!

  11. What I do appreciate is how you present the information and support it with proofs and examples.
    It's clear, compressed, to the point and most importantly, it lacks 'show off super boastful fake emotional hype' and abundance of hand gestures.
    So it was very easy and interesting to stay tuned throughout the whole video.
    Every video of yours that I watch, actually.

  12. Hey Jack I really like your content
    I have 700 ATCs and 55 Purchase of one product. I am running ATC LAA 1 % but getting only 1-2 sales a day.This result is not good. Would you please suggest me what I should do now ??

  13. The Real Blueprint to 6 figures, great video Jack!

  14. Watched 70% of your videos so far, I was half way through setting up my shop when I discovered your channel. It has helped me out a lot and stopped me making some mistakes. Keep it up. Ill be sure to let you know when I go Live. Hoping first week of Feb. And yes i watched till the end Lol. Keep it up man! Cheers

  15. Love your videos Jack. They keep me going 😉

  16. This is awesome stuff man! This pretty much covers everything beginners need to start. Keep going man, you’re gonna blow up

  17. Thanks Jack another valuable content

  18. watched the entire thing bro such quality


    Hey brother, great video. I hear people say it is best to create our own video ads for the the products we want to advertise, I completely agree with this however the problem that very quickly becomes apparent is: how does one acquire the product before the products trend dies out?. As you know AliExpress takes about a month shipping before reaching the UK even with epacket. This problem is really keeping me from going any further and its losing me money, do you have any advice or is there something I'm missing??

    Thank you! If anyone knows the answer to this question please enlighten us 🙂

  20. The video is Jack mate just getting better and better and better and more helpful keep it up👌

  21. Great video. Do you think general dropshipping stores will still work in 2019?

  22. Also , can you help me out finding a winning product to advertise . I have 5 ready to go with winning ads. I just need your advise to help me choose which one has a higher rate of people buying . Thanks 😁😊

  23. this is amazing! you deserve an award . I’m about to start my Shopify store after Chinese New Year . Do you think I could do well of instagram influencers ???

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