How to Make $10k+ PER MONTH on Shopify WITHOUT THE GUESSWORK

How to Make $10k+ PER MONTH on Shopify WITHOUT THE GUESSWORK


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This video is a recording of the live stream I did where I teach people how to go from zero to $10k/month on shopify.

We go over dropshipping, facebook ads, and finding a supplier that you can build a relationship with for a longer term business

This is a shopify tutorial for beginners as well as advanced.

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  1. is it necessary to have a inventory for shopify ???? please answer

  2. Hello Mike, subscribed to your channel and thanks for all the content you put out. I take notes all the time. Can you tell me what you use to create your youtube thumbnails?

  3. love it! hilarious!!! "stop worrying about the f'nggg ads! you don't even have a winning product!" so me lol!

  4. Mike, Up until this point in life I've gone back and forth on my dream profession. Ever since I was like three, I knew I wanted to change the world for the better, but My family could hardly afford necessities as is. I've always wanted to help, but I cant just neglect the prices of things. I will most definitely try this, so listen out for my name in the future. Thank You 🙂

  5. Amazing man. One of a kind. Thanks for the Infor man!

  6. Should I wait till I get the product to put the ad up?

  7. I see gary vee in you bruh! Keep it up

  8. my question is should i builde the store before i find the producte or find the producte than builde the store

  9. Great content Mike. Very detailed.

  10. Amazing video… One question please. Doesnt the store look fake if you have only 4 items on the store? Also when you find a niche, is the domain name important to reflect what you are selling? Thanks and keep it up!

  11. HOLYYYYYYYY SHIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTT. Best content to learn from!

  12. superb Mike!! You inspired a 50 year old

  13. Thank you!!! This is awesome! If I make it big one day, I will share with you (and your Filipino fam… love your story)! 🙂

  14. Can you do this from a phone if you don't have a computer

  15. music guitar, outdoors, 3d printing

  16. great video man.. i sometimes get confuse with everything but ill catch on

  17. How do you gain an audience on Shopify? Like how do you get people to even come across your page when I'm sure there's already the product's manufacturer website that people go to first. Just curious, I'm new. 🤗

  18. Hey Mike I need your advice I'm trying to start a plussize womans store with extended sizes and I'm having a hard time finding extended sizes what do I do

  19. wheres the rest of the tutorial? how do i actually get the product contact the supplier .. so many unanswered questions but still great vid

  20. Hi Mike, thanks for all great info! Just want to ask how do u mark up ur price if the item u want to resell is in Etsy? Appreciate ur response. God bless!😊

  21. Can I have more than one Shopify Store?


  23. You need to visit CROATIA , you will love it

  24. This video literally changed my whole mindset on every aspect of my life. You're the man! 👍

  25. You talk way too farkin' fast bro! Come on!!!

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