How To Make Shopify Sales Every Single Day

How To Make Shopify Sales Every Single Day


How To Make Shopify Sales Every Single Day with your very own Shopify Store.

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  1. Great video Danelle, I just opened my Shopify store ( 1 week ), no sales yet but I’m adding products as we speak

  2. wow Ms. Howell, you put this out on my birthday. I am a teacher with a Masters Degree as well. Im living the life you lived. Im still teaching now, but I just started my Shopify store selling hair. I cant wait to succeed with my business online. It really is about the time I want with my family even the money must be awesome!

  3. lol she's awesome! the rap was so cute

  4. i am a beginner,64, no knowledge about computer
    but i am willing to learn.i am taking care of my bedridden mother,94. please help me so i can help our finances that we depend 200usd a month from her pension.i am from the Philippines

  5. Hi, can anyone here help me out real quick pls… I am so new to this dropshipping strategy and my problem right now with dropshipping is What Should I do after customer purchased my products but the money that they spent wasn't transferring to my account right away, instead I have to wait for the Shopify payout date in the next 5-days ….? Until that then the customer who bought that product thru me will be like….30days waiting time 🙁

  6. I havent even heard passed 2 minutes and I love your energy

  7. just subscribed, I wanna get infected with this virus called "ENERGY" lol

  8. Nice one Danielle! I don't even care what you said because I just love the energy and finished the presentation so I will watch again lol.

  9. I'm the new business man on board. I'm working it.

  10. what if it does not offer the option to choose only one item is that a setting ?

  11. Looking like Patrice Rushen 🙂

  12. Thank you.. Very Helpful

  13. Once they order of your Shopify store does it automatically get delivered to them once they pay ? Or do you have to get back on alli express and buy the item they chose ?

  14. i like your excitement, and how happy you are, thanks, now i have to watch lol.

  15. Thank Danielle for your share. I'm a fresh new or could say a baby with Shopify. Any recommendations about where to start my first store please?

  16. you can get sued for selling Hary Porter products

  17. What are your income streams?

  18. ADVICE: When making a tutorial that involves "Making Money At Home", never, ever forget that nobody cares about who you are, or who your family is. YOU WILL BORE PEOPLE TO DEATH, AND YOUR BOUNCE RATE WILL INCREASE DRAMATICALLY.

    All people want to know is; HOW CAN YOU HELP THEM? WHAT'S IN IT FOR THEM?
    I learned this a long time ago as an Affiliate Marketer.


  19. i love your energy and happinesss wid dis video keep it gurl money is good for everyone

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