How To Make Sure Your Visitors BUY (Shopify Conversion HACK)

How To Make Sure Your Visitors BUY (Shopify Conversion HACK)


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In this video I walk you through how to increase your Shopify conversion rate so that you can get more customer and make more sales without having to spend more money! Get more information/help below….

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  1. Is quiksilver the health brand mate?

  2. you snapped with perfect timing holy shit

  3. Thank you wonderful on video. I have a question please in my store Use the epacket and ship to the United States only I have in Instagram and Twitter follow me from several countries if you market my shop to them and I sold it from outside the US What do I do if I refuse the order, knowing that the shipping may be very expensive and lose what do I know?

  4. as a buyer if i see a count down timer or any of these gimmicks i freak out and get angry at them boycot and block the brand from for browser hell even my router ill block the ip of that site so i dont ever see it again i despise dishonest things like these.

  5. yes updated app video please!

  6. I don't read on stuff i buy lol

  7. dasani water sucks, its the coca-cola of water. purified water is ass… drink spring water

  8. Great video, would love to see an updated app video for sure

  9. and P.S. nice white/flip board but it is a whole lot easier to see and follow the way you did it before with sharing your screen typing in a google docs/word page, easier to take screen shots too.

  10. Hey! Thanks again for being awesome! And yes please make an update video with essential apps!!!

  11. Could anyone send one of his stores here ?

  12. Please do an App video. Thanks 🙏

  13. You're one of the best mentors I've had

  14. Hey Hayden, Do You do marketing still for businesses?

  15. Omg Hayden’s Camera keeps refocusing Lolita killing my eyes but still love all the videos!! Extremely helpful!👍

  16. Can you answer one question.. I start new store today, ita brand new store.. What i should drive for campaign first of all on facebook ads.. Traffic or conversion? I drive traffic todat for 50 dollar.. 184 visitors but no sales.. This was traffic campaign.. Should i stop traffic campaign and drive conversion campaign?

  17. How many minimum sales I need using influencers to do a look a like audience?

  18. Updated app video please

  19. Hey there man! Awesome vid. The thing is i'md oing all of thise things and my conversion rate is bw only 2-3%. How do I take it to 5% without a winner???

  20. I am new to drop shipping and have an important question. I am planning on using Ali Express to ship direct to the customer. Will Ali Express include there branding at all in the shipping to the customer? I am worried that the customer will get tipped off of who I am using as a wholesaler.

  21. Great content again, Thanks so much. I have the similar problem, tons of visitors, but little sales. All my sales are actually from Google Ads. So does it mean that I have been targeting the wrong audience? I run a general store, constantly testing products. Will it somehow mess up FB pixel at all?

  22. I haven't been able to make any sales 😥

  23. Wait what's the difference between ad and ad copy?

  24. This is going to sound rather unusual, but how would a beginner with $1,000 – $5,000 start off on shopify? Most videos are tailored towards professionals or complete beginners with no decent initial investment amounts. Is it possible to get a head start with more initial investment?

  25. I have been watching top shopify guru's vids for the last 2 weeks or so, but nobody exactly shows the least number of products we should upload, and which ones we should start advertising for. Should we start advertising the whole store? Or just start with one, two, three?
    Should we just start with one product? What's the story? Anyone has any idea?

  26. Yo yesterday I made like 5 sales and today I didn’t touch the fb ad and I got zero conversions I don’t know how but I needed this vid so thnx bro! 🤘💪

  27. How do you target general trend products

  28. What are some good apps for Shopify?

  29. Hayden is like the teacher we all needed back in high school. Keep up the good content!

  30. Hi Hayden, Im a new subscriber, and I love all your content and that you post daily. This channel is such a great tool. I just started my store, and I've been running my first set of FB ad's for about 3 days and finally got a relavance score. I have an 8, and I'm thrilled. My question I hope you'll answer is, is it time to scale or is 3 days too soon? No sales yet and only about 40 sites visits.

  31. Hayden. How’s it going? Just subscribed because I am a digital marketer and everything you’ve said on your videos on marketing is spot on. I’m in Silicon Valley and you’d be amazed how many “bosses” just don’t get it. Now I have a lot of videos to catch up on. 🙂

  32. How much web analytics do you do

  33. Hayden, I have 400 link clicks on my conversion campain with view content as the event. So what do I do now with those clicks. Do I make it a new one with an ad to cart conversion?

  34. hey Hayden. Can you help me out? My ad account went under review but I still have campaigns running. Do you know if I will continue getting billed for those campigns? Anyone else know anything about this?

  35. I like the white board or whatever. But i can really see and comprehend your ideas and advice when you type it on the macbook.

  36. Do you want an updated app video– the man Hayden says; of COURSE we want an update app video. Good loookin' by the way! You're always uploading phenomenal content. Appreciate it 😉

  37. Bro… why not just use the dry erase board

  38. Focusing on one thing (sales) how? What it took was you broke, 5 month struggling? I’m talking about ig influencers , is that the one biggest thing that matter? What should I do when having “ 0 motivation 0 hope 0 money” if you make video on focusing pls give me credit on there… name is Omri Agassi

  39. Hey Hayden!
    Do you still recommend your video on how to write descriptions?

  40. Hayden, please do an updated app video bro

  41. Guys I’m having trouble. I am into Instagram trying w influencers and I cannot make any profit. I have done my research into them and nothing. And the product is a good one too. Someone plz dm me on Instagram for help @nikjames__

  42. Good thing you use a flip chart,I really hate watching from inside your laptop

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