How To Make Your First Sale Online! (Shopify Dropshipping For Beginners)

How To Make Your First Sale Online! (Shopify Dropshipping For Beginners)


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How To Make Your First Sale Online! (Shopify Dropshipping For Beginners)

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  1. If your reading this check my website out and let me know what you think give me some feedback please

  2. It's not that difficult.
    Takes 12 minutes.

  3. Stop by my shop and tell me what you would change. Thinking about incorporating a wishlist then ill connect to more social media sites.

  4. I just created my account,I need assistance on how to make my first sale

  5. I think as long you type in interest tags, you would get higher chances. I just made an ad for 6 days $5 daily starting tomorrow.

  6. Didn't expect that voice 😳

  7. Isn’t it better to send it yourself and cheaper

  8. My ad account has been disabled for months now. I have written Facebook no less than 15 times over several months without any succes. If I create a new account, do I also have to create a new Page?

  9. can i use my phone or am i gunna need a laptop?

  10. When you said that people don't make their first sale right away, hmm I dunno about that because a neighbor told my wife and I that him and his wife made their first 150 dollar sale the first day a few hours after they set up their store and all πŸ˜€

  11. Ritoban ( flying start online )

  12. I've made 11k in over 2 weeks since I started

  13. Tanner what’s the best way to get in contact with you?

  14. So annoying!! I only have $15 a month I just dont have the money to start I bought a domain for 8 and got developer shopify so thats free (tip for someone thats broke)
    Now I need traffic and sales but thats so expensive! So I wasted my last 10 bucks on a domain… I am even more broke than before there is just nothing to make money if your broke as a kid!!!!

  15. Question: if you are dropshipping on shopify with aliexpress, do you file (or pay) sales tax AND income tax at the end of the year, or does shopify collect that sales tax from the sales you are making, and you only have to file income tax?

  16. I just started doing today and I don't get it like I'm so confused

  17. Thanks Tanner, watched this and set up my ads after I had already done a shopify store. Made my first sale in two days of running the ad. It was a different product on my site, but the traffic came from the ad.

  18. damn it, I paid 400BRL in a course here in brazil, and youre uploading the same content for free… xD

  19. > Paying 50$ for ads
    > Getting 4 sales
    > ????
    > Bankrupt

    Just put that crap on ebay. But honestly instead of wasting time on playing with the ads just go to marketing school or something or even better – make your own product. This dropshipping+paid ads is just Lottery on steroids.

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