How To Optimize Google Shopping Campaigns For Shopify Dropshipping

How To Optimize Google Shopping Campaigns For Shopify Dropshipping



So you’ve built your aliexpress low ticket Shopify Store and you’re using a Google. Shopping campaign to drive traffic. In this video I go ahead and show you how to optimize your Google Shopping campaign for a better ROA that leads to a much more profitable campaign for you.


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  1. Ebenezer appreciate your content! πŸ”₯✝️ is there ANY way I can get you to observe screenshots of phase 1 results for my Google Shopping campaign.. just need thoughts for phase 2. Can't imagine it will take more than 10 mins. If you can I appreciate it! πŸ‘Š

  2. Hi men thanks for this video, do you add only a few of your product to a campaign or all products you have?

  3. After only 5' i subscribed to your channel. I don't why you're not getting traffic yet on this channel.

  4. Thank you bro! πŸ”₯βœπŸ™

  5. my products have been pending for 7 business days.. what do i do

  6. He's this strategy good for high ticket dropshipping

  7. Hi Frim, would it be better to do 1 campaign per product? I am unable to adjust bids on keywords too

  8. Great video! When you add products to your winning campaign, do you need to remove those products from the original campaign with all the other products?

  9. Had my first sale of 8$ and a profit of 6$, quite happy because it's my first sale

    The fact that I don't really know what to do right now is quite scaring lol, I've made my first sale but the cost of ads is 4 times profit , I mean I spent ~20$ to make 6$ from the sale ( campaigns are 3 days old, still on learning phase)

  10. I don't see search terms in my campaings. I called google and they said it doesn't show up at all. How are you seeing your keywords?

  11. with how many products do you do the first testing campaign?

  12. This is really valuable content Ebenezer, thanks so much. I'm executing this plan right now. About 4 days in and the algorithm is definitely picking up speed.

  13. Hello Ebenezer I have found a product that is giving me a good ROI and has had over 50 conversions. Is it okay to start off a new campaign with only that product included and going for the enhanced cpc right off the bat or does the new campaign first have to gather data via maximize click and then I should (switch) to enhanced cpc?

  14. 3:33 my campaign met everyone one of those requirements apart from abandoned checkouts (only 2 or 3). question is should i optimise or go back to the drawing board?

  15. Get rid of the stupid background music. Its not even music, its noise. It's annoying AF. People watch these videos for the information not for music. I had to download the video and use special software to reduce that monotonous crap just to keep my sanity while watching the presentation. Tutorials = voice ONLY.

  16. This is gold thank you so much bro

  17. Hi Bro! Thanks for all your videos on Google Shopping! Quick question, I could not find the video where you talk about 'installing conversion tags'…. How do I do them? Thanks in advance!

  18. when we are running 10 dollar budget daily with 1 dollar max bid, how many products are in that campaign? or upto how many do you recommend to run in a 10 dollar a day campaign?
    bro i did 50 dollar a day and it chewed through it like a chewing gum, and i got like 3 sales only that day, next day same 50 and i got another 3 sales, profit is 8 dollars per sale but the cost per purchase is like 8 dollars too.. sitting in the negative, very expensive keywords idk why, like it dropped down now after it spend about 120 dollars from 8 dollars to 1.2 dollars avg cpc but all up ive gotten 7 sales in 3 days.. 168 spent now, so no profit im sitting in negative atm, thats with the help of the 100 dollar credit from google otherwise i would be way more in losses
    but damn how is this even profitable, is it because the product is new and its being searched alot hence the high competition? please tell me where it went wrong so i can fix it and try again.
    so what i did was remove the high costing search terms into negative, but those keywords are the ones that were getting me sales, so did i do the right thing?

  19. My question when setting up a campaign for the Learning stage, what if you have multiple products? Do you run 1 campaign for all products or a different campaign for each product or product type?

  20. Hey brother, question: do you use Magento or Bigcommerce?

  21. You've just explained Google Shopping ads better than anyone else out there on Youtube!

  22. So if I didn’t get any conversations and less than 1k impressions over the 5 days should I pick a New niche

  23. Good good man. I love your stuff. You're one of the few to dive really deep into the google shopping strategies.

  24. Great video. 2 questions – Do these learning phase conversion #'s work with higher ticket items? Also, to start, is it okay to advertise only one specific high-margin product, instead of multiple?

  25. what to do with the keywords that have conversations,but cost a lot?lets say $100 ad fee create $200 sale?should we kill them?

  26. hey cool.
    if we are selling products in range of 20-50$ then how many products are required to reach 1k/day sales. i think i hav very less products

  27. Just a question, how many products should I have in my shopping campaign? The whole store or certain collections? And if so how many products maximum/minimum should I do per campaign? Thanks

  28. Ebenezer!!! After one week of studying your videos, and implementing what you teach!!! I have my first Shopify sale from Google Placement Ads πŸŽ‰plus….Shopify's cards said inside my Shopify Dashboard…"Your shop is getting a lot of traffic! Your traffic is in the top 5% of stores that launched the same week as you. Every visitor is a potential customer, Great Work!" Now, thank you, thank you, and BIG thank you! It was a bit of a learning curve, and there were moments when I had those….I wonder if this will REALLY work thoughts, but I pushed them aside, because as we know you have to fail fast, to succeed. What most gurus won't tell you is that you have to be willing to swallow some failures down the path to success. I even thought about skipping the general store GPL ad, but remember the urgency in your voice when you said, set it and forget it and let Google optimize your store in the "learning" phase. I set that up yesterday and within 11 hours, had my first sale . It wasn't even from the Collections ad I set up! And I just checked and this particular item is listed 3 times (I'm assuming for each variant), when I search for the keyword. Buyer intent is KEY. And the 1 Visitor resulted in 1 Sale, so that's what…100% conversion rate? Can you tell I'm excited? The potential here is HUGE. Your teaching videos are truly making a difference in my life, and I'm sure many others who just watch, but don't comment. I've watched hundreds of videos without commenting myself. Thank you so much! I'll keep you posted on updates as they happen.🎈

  29. Bro that’s amazing, I need your help to guide me setting up my shopify stuff correctly and some coaching…I will try to contact you by the form u have here

  30. Hey, what do you think about Twitter ads for shopify? Thanks

  31. my second question you told us that you made around 50k using only google shopping ads , we like to know, was there involved google dynamic or simple retargeting ads too behind that success? or you didn't use any retergeting ads behind that success ?

  32. hey can you cover to us one thing that is should I use google dynamic retargeting ads for our shopify dropshipping ( using aliexpress) store based on google shoping ads ? if it is good strategy , so can you cover us & create a step by step video how to create google dynamic remerketing ads for dropshipping shopify store, we are getting stuck we can't create that, we don't have product id in this phase how we can able to create google dynamic retergeting ads please , explain to us thanks

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