How to Sell Your Books on Social Media with Shopify®

How to Sell Your Books on Social Media with Shopify®


Learn more about the Lulu xPress app for Shopify here:

You already know that using Lulu xPress for Shopify is a great way to sell directly to your audience and increase your revenue. Now you can connect your Shopify storefront to your social media accounts so your customers can shop directly through their preferred platform. Find out how to sell your books on different social media channels to streamline the shopping experience, connect with your audience, and increase revenue.

Connect Your Facebook Page to Shopify® (TUTORIAL):
Connect Your Pinterest Page to Shopify® (TUTORIAL):
Lulu xPress for Shopify®: is the original self-publisher, offering print on demand services to meet your needs.

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  1. Hi, what if we have books on Amazon already, can we put those books on Lulu xpress? or How can we do that?

  2. I wish there was a way to grasp all this information while it is moving like on the run fugitive.

  3. Hello LuLu, I am a soon to be an aspiring author that is interested in publishing a book very soon. If I wanted someone to proof-read and grammar check it before I publish it, who will provide it? Will LuLu provide it for me, or will I have to do it for myself?

  4. Cannot understand a word she is saying.

  5. Can I sell my book on Shopify even that I've published at Create Space, not Lulu?

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