How To Set Up Facebook Retargeting Ads For Cheap Conversions – Shopify Dropshipping

How To Set Up Facebook Retargeting Ads For Cheap Conversions – Shopify Dropshipping


FB Retargeting ads are the cheapest and highest converting methods of traffic. Today I dive into how I set up my retargeting ads.
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  1. Did you just say "I only want to pay when somebody purchases'? You know, on purchase conversion you get billed for impressions i.e. you'll pay each time your ad is served.

    That'd be great if you only had to pay when they purchase though 😂

  2. Can you use URLs that are not your own as the source of the traffic? Like how you used at 3:17. Could I use that even though that's not my website? Or would it not be able to track them from there since I don't have the pixel Nike uses?

  3. This was very helpful. Thanks

  4. Bruh! Have you made any recent updated video on it?

  5. 99% better to watch than half the other guys on here. Thanks!!

  6. I really appreciate your honesty and being genuine with teaching. That being said do you know what is the point of using a Retargeting app if we can just do it ourselves? Anyone can chime in on this.

  7. the only video that clearly explains htese retargeting staffs..thanks a lot man i subscribed..

  8. Nash… Can you retarget people who watched your video add and been on your page or watched at least 75 percent of your video but only problems is that it is like 40 people alltogetther? Isn't that a small number to retarget? Thanks For advice ..Tom

  9. Nice vid. Keep posting dude. 🙂 👍👍

  10. do you do any mentoring/coaching calls?


  12. Awesome video! This is definitely some very useful information and I can
    see these ideas working good especially for new online business owners.
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    ads can be so expensive. Another site I found useful for cheap ads is – I've been getting steady results
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  13. can you do retargeting ad simultaneously while running the first ad? Meaning that the retargeting ad will always update new website visitors while it (retarget ad) is still running. thanks

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