How to Setup a Shopify Rewards Program for your Customers

How to Setup a Shopify Rewards Program for your Customers


In this video tutorial we are setting up the Shopify app to act as our rewards program for our customers.

Having a rewards program helps remind customers about your store and has them continually keep purchasing from you to gain more points and get special rewards.

You can learn more about the app that we are using for our loyalty program here:


  1. Also check out the blog to see more of the psychology behind rewards programs and tips for building out your retention strategy:

  2. Is it possible to not have the rewards program button pop up on the website, but for it to be integrated into my system when a customer creates an account on my website?

  3. Do you have to set up separate discount codes on Shopify so that the codes that Smile will send to customers work? E.g. you get code 10OFF on smile for 100 pints, do u have to make a discount in Shopify for that code or will it work automatically?

  4. Hi there, I'm starting out with shopify and I wonder what the difference is between "Smile: Rewards & Loyalty and Marsello | Loyalty Marketing" I have both installed but I don't know which one is best, or if I should use both or one over the other, can you help me please? and thank you so much for the informtaion.

    Blessings and greetings from Mexico,

  5. Reward programs are just annoying and stupid

  6. I have customers that pay through invoices. If they sign up for the rewards program, will they get points for the amount they spend through invoices?

  7. This is such a gem of a channel

  8. So what if we want to just use the free one. Do that mean it limit how many people can join? Do they still get to make a account etc?

  9. Great video!!! Do you know of any app for loyalty programs to add to squarespace sites? Im having quite a challenge getting information on any available add-ons.

  10. I set it up following every step but it will not let me or my customers set a account

  11. Hi, I'm setting up a store myself and this helped a lot, I was just wondering, I saw you had mailchimp and I was wondering if it works in conjunction with the database as in I don't want them to overwrite each other. Basically I'm asking if they'll use the same database/add emails to both lists as people signup? I don't really know what I'm doing but I'm trying xD

  12. Thanks for your videos! So easy to follow!

  13. Hello! thank you so much for taking the time to put these videos, I´m currently in México and trying to set this app up, my question is can the language be changed to Spanish? I would like my customer to read all of their rewards information in this language. Thnks for the support

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