How To Setup Your Shopify Store's Instagram Page (Dropshipping)

How To Setup Your Shopify Store's Instagram Page (Dropshipping)


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How to setup your Shopify store’s Instagram page. It’s important to have a good looking Instagram page to promote your Shopify store’s products. Dropshipping on Shopify needs a good Instagram page for promotions with influencers and getting more sales.

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  1. OMG – what a waste of time.. DUUUUDE

  2. Yep! Facebook connected to Instagram through shopify is busted!!! Broke, no go, and there is not one single youtuber aware of this, because there are no videos on the subject. People are having serious issues linking Facebook store product tags to Instagram through shopify. Real dilima that no one talks about.

  3. don't waste your time on this video..he doesn't even really tell you how to do anything..rambling.

  4. I would never lie about where something is made. Integrity will equal success. Therefore thumbs down.

  5. dude did you just copy the hayden picture cover from his video? lol

  6. So this is not a business profile? Does that matter.? Also some people are setting up an account under their profile and I find this does not work well at all…

  7. You showed us what the page should look similar to and you also showed "Clickable Links" around 4:25, but you never showed us how to set it up. You kept telling us that we should set something up, but you never showed us "How To"

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