How to Start a T Shirt Business with Shopify

How to Start a T Shirt Business with Shopify


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Keep in mind, when starting your t-shirt business with Shopify you could certainly hire a designer or even go to fiverr to get affordable graphics for your tshirts. This video shows you the cheapest way I know to start a t shirt store with Shopify.

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Free 14-Day Shoify Trial:

Free 2 Hour Tutorial on Shopify Setup (step-by-step):

Per Item Shipping Video:

Beginner’s Mastermind:

Get Paint Software Free:

Canva Graphic Design:

Kite App for Shopify (t shirt dropshipping app):

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  1. Do they have options for the material for the shirts ?

  2. Can I have them print my own words with Photo?

  3. Isn’t there. A shopify fee?

  4. I'm wanting to start my own T Shirt business online. I was wanting to do it through the best & easiest t shirt website, without any headaches & less spending as possible. And i heard from other people's videos about spread shirt, and other t shirt websites that you had to link so to speak, those websites to Shopify in order to sell your shirts, or whatever you're trying to sell. I'm wanting to have a company to print and sell my shirts, of course. Then i came across this video about shopify and you talking about teespring, and of how they're outdated so to speak, in which they are. My question is… In order to have an online business to create and sell my products, do i have to go through/with an online t shirt website to create my product, and link that site to shopify in order to sell my shirts. Or can i just make me an account or site so to speak on shopify, create my product there and publish to sell my product. And "advertise" my product, and site so to speak on soical media. And let shopify do the rest?! Hope to hear from you soon Madcam Publishing. Thanks in advance. God bless.

  5. how do I download the without adding an extension??

  6. tshirts pinterest is dum I can never get into it

  7. Are you located in dallas

  8. I want to make a million grand a year!

  9. Teespring offer a merch shelf inside your youtube channel but you need 10k subs to qualify!

  10. Thank you very much for this video. It is really helpful for me looking into my first online shopify store. Great content!

  11. Man, why didnt i discover you a month ago….
    i just decided to jump into this 2 weeks ago. I am all setup, have a merchant account, i have a niche, i have my own logo designed.
    I am amused with what you just told!
    This channel is worth money!

  12. This video is awesome, thank you. What kind of computer do I need to all of this? I have a old computer and try to do all these steps and it doesn’t work, please help me.

  13. Just started my online business, now I need sales. Can you help with that?

  14. Great information that was presented in a calm not rushed manner and excellent walkthrough with the different apps. I will join your Beginners Mastermind. Thank you.

  15. U all over the place u sucks

  16. Shopify need to increase the trial day to 30 days

  17. Also, any updates 1 year later? Do u think this is still the best method to start a 'design print' business? As in through shopify…

  18. This is gold!! thank u 😊

  19. How much does Shopify charge to have a shop on their platform?

  20. Thanks for posting, it was very helpful……Appreciate it!

  21. sorry dude i didnt quite get the store u went into, what was it called?

  22. 14 free trial(i call bullshit on that)bcus,up front,ITS $30 basic plan and other plans are expensive,good luck people

  23. t-shirts are too expensive

  24. Brian – the link in the Youtube description to your site is down. In fact, even if I try and access it via Google, the site appears down. I'm positive it's not on my end. Just an fyi, sir.

  25. So comprehensive. Thank you!

  26. Great video, but why in the world would anyone use the Kite app for shirts? You can do it for 1/4 of the cost through other apps, and if you want a profit, I can tell you that the majority of people are not going to pay $25-$30 a shirt when they can go on etsy and get the same shirt for $10. My advice? Make your shirts yourself.

  27. So call me stupid, but I missed the main point here: Who prints and ships the T-shirts? Does Shopify? Or do I need to order them from Teespring or some other site if I sell them in my Shopify store?

  28. Thank you so much for making this video, this is so nice of you.

  29. Awesome video! Adobe Illustrator is also a great tool. Fiverr will be your best friend.

  30. Nice video! How many hours a day should I spend on a Shopify store? 1 to 2 hours a day? How much does your Shopify or coaching program cost? Just $8/month? Right now, I am free from 11 AM to 1 AM EST and all weekends!

  31. Thank you for being so patient.

  32. So I went to getpaint and it didn't go straight to the screen you went to. I downloaded the program and it still didn't go to the screen. It keeps asking me to run a scan to check my drivers. It this legit? How do I get to the page you were on where I upload my image?

  33. Hi Brian, do you necessarily recommend copywriting my sayings? It's expensive and time consuming, but probably worth it. Does anyone else do this as well?

  34. so how do we find the manufacturer to make these? Sorry I'm overwhelmed with information any help from you or anyone would be an advantage

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