How To Submit A Sitemap To Google Search Console || Shopify Help Center 2019

How To Submit A Sitemap To Google Search Console || Shopify Help Center 2019


If you’re looking to expand the reach of your online store then consider submitting a sitemap. A sitemap is a list of all the pages on your website that a customer could navigate to starting from your homepage.

Submitting your store’s sitemap to Google Search Console helps Google find and index valuable pages on your site.This means that your store populates in Google search results, potentially bringing in more customers.

All Shopify stores automatically generate a sitemap.xml file that contains links to all your products, product images, pages, collections, and blog posts. Before you submit your sitemap, watch the video “how to verify your site with Google” linked below.

For more information on sitemaps, start here »

How to verify your site help doc »

How to verify your site video »

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For further assistance, contact Shopify Support directly »

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  1. Hello, I had the same problem as the other users. When I verified everything went through. When I submitted my sitemap, It says couldn't fetch. Where do I go from here? It also does not give me an option to delete the sitemap. Do I contact google? Thanks hope to hear from you soon.

  2. In bing i can send my sitemap with http but with the https he says
    403 (Forbidden)
    you have an issue with ssl encription shopify or with the cloud so i pay you for nothing

  3. I submitted the sitemap to Google but it just says 'couldn't fetch'

  4. Hello, when I upload It , the only error says It's a HTML , how can I get a xml ?

  5. When I do this it just comes up "couldn't fetch" . When you click on "couldn't fetch" it just comes up with "sitemap could not be read" any chance you can help please

  6. Ok I tried this but the status says Couldn't fetch instead of 1 error and it's saying that the sitemap couldn't be read. What do I do then?

  7. Hi Question! If you have Status Success, Do you need to submit a site map for every single product page? Or one is enough?

  8. hello Shopify my store is I tried much time to submit my sitemap but I show an error "couldn't fetch" and I have been trying to add my sitemap to my google search account, and it just tells me that it cannot be read. how can I solve this problem please help me my

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