How To Succeed With Shopify 2018 (Secret Dropshipping Tips)

How To Succeed With Shopify 2018 (Secret Dropshipping Tips)


Secret Tips And Formula For Succeeding With Shopify And Dropshipping In 2018. Giving You Guys My Secret Tips And Tricks To Get Ahead Of Your Competitors!

Product Research Video:
How To Increase Conversion Rate:

In this video, I’ll be going over my secret tips for how you can succeed with Shopify and dropshipping in 2018. It’s super important to have a beautiful looking products page, WITH unique product descriptions. One of the top reasons that I see people doing which are killing their conversion rate is to just import the direct product description from Aliexpress. Iøts SUPER SUPER important that you write your own.
Furthermore is it really important to have a beautiful Mobile optimized landing page. This is especially important because 70-80% of your traffic will be from mobile devices!
Then the #1 that’s gonna make you money is your products. Product research is super important to focus on. Because you wanna find THE winning product which is gonna make you loads of $$

Then You wanna practice and learn Facebook Ads And Instagram Shoutouts. Because this is the way you’ll get people to your store. Being a master in Facebook Ads will give you a huge advantage. Of course a lot fo it is “learn by doing” but I really recommend you to see a lot of videoes about it. Focus on learning, gather information Etc.

And Then! Persistency! You need to be persistent! Don’t give up, keep hustling


  1. Dude I am loving the slide transitions

  2. Do you recommend videos for influencers shout out too or just fb ads?

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