How to Update your Underground Shopify Theme

How to Update your Underground Shopify Theme


We strongly encourage keeping your Underground Shopify theme up to date, that way you always have the best version. If your current version theme does not support sections (or if you’ve made changes to the files or theme settings), you will need to update your theme manually.

In this tutorial, we will go through the process of updating a theme to a new version while still retaining current customizations and settings.

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  1. Thanks for this. My first Shopify site just went live so I am trying to understand how to keep organized for future maintenance.

    If the new version of a theme is not live yet, will uninstall/reinstall apps put the app code into the new unpublished theme as well as the published theme?
    If the site relies on apps, it has to be in maintenance mode?
    If apps have settings they have to be recorded before uninstall and they have to be reapplied as well or will it remember your settings?

    Coming from WordPress world, this manual update process is quite surprising but it's best to know what is coming!

  2. Hi, Can you please help us with the updates required in the Checkout Liquid of your themes in order to accommodate the latest changes made by Shopify to the Features of Checkout page.

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