I Started A Shopify Store 3 Days Ago And Am Making $1500 (LIVE)

I Started A Shopify Store 3 Days Ago And Am Making $1500 (LIVE)


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Check Out PT 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vusFN907zIs

Life Style Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1f6SFs4wB0&t=25s


  1. It’s not that I’m skeptical but if this was real why wouldn’t they show the $1500 in revenue? Thats fucking weird!

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  3. how you scale to 100+ costumers? doing it manually becomes a pain

  4. The website was obviously just for the video or not done yet, the product pictures didn’t even show the full image of the ball picker. Nonetheless this is pure gold to see what someone like Becker is doing to compare results and see what’s normal when actually spending money doing this

  5. You realise text just auto scales when you hit ctl+t ?

  6. So how would u make it an automated process to have it buy the product for you right after pay so you don't have to manually do it, especially for when ur company starts booming with sales

  7. this is fake and clickbait…

  8. Just bought my first ad for my drop shipping website today. I hope it goes well!

  9. WAIT, what if the person buys the Grabber and the toilet putter, making the weight 1.5 pounds, the shipping would then be 0$???? And what if someone buys 100 items at once (like someone drop-shipping you), all they would have to pay is 50 bucks, in which case you're screwed???????
    I get going through quickly to make the videos shorter, but this is just negligent.

  10. take a shot everytime he says golf

  11. how long does it take for them to receive the product? ali express says 28-45 days???

  12. Great in theory, but the shipping times from AliExpress are terrible. Customer service would be difficult to manage.

  13. Hey I’m a little late to this but I’ve already started this process and I’m on the last step. Is this still a up and going platform to do?

  14. I'd have paid to see this video. Thank you for this, extremely informative. Liked and subscribed.

  15. Ahaha you still showed the address :Dd

  16. How can I stop seeing your shitty scammy ads on YouTube? "Derp herp only time offer I swear you won't see this again" and I see it everyday. Fuker.

  17. Funny thing how he says he is gonna blur the adress but he didn't at one point

  18. but he didn't use a costume domain for the shop…

  19. I think we all want to see how this half ass website is doing..is it still running or did u take it down? u should sell it to someone who is going to make it grow 🙂

  20. skate boarding would have more interested people

  21. We have to purchase item from Aliexpress for our customers I don't like this extra step

  22. that's selling dumb useless products, imagine selling something that people actually want and need

  23. We know you are busy..thanks for posting & helping others as your legacy..props.

  24. Awesome lessons on this one. thx

  25. ?does oberlo do this automatically ?

  26. i dont think you need to do this im pretty sure its in the same place where you Add your google analytics

  27. Alex, I was hoping to know something. Is it allowed to send facebook traffic to my category page instead of product page? Is it allowed; will my ads get approved? Anybody tested this? How much does it convert if I giving many options to the visitors rather than showing them one single product?

  28. so its normal to not have sales from an ad after 2 days?

  29. So this means that you have to do every buy manually?

  30. what if your customer gets a reciept and files a complaint or even worse takes it to court?

  31. what the hell its locked it with a password and wont allow me to sell

  32. Do you have to manually fill the order or is there an app/extension that can do that?

  33. Thank You So Much ! This Video Helped Me On How I Can Advertise My Products !

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