Inbuild Product Editor

Inbuild Product Editor


Work from theme version 1.2.0

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  1. i tried everything and can't where is the option for Countdown timer

  2. i can't save my unique tabs- it just says "process" and never finishes?

  3. Hi when I try to save anything in this section, it comes up with an error message and doesn't work. Can you let me know how to resolve this?

  4. How to change the image size in this product page

  5. This theme is just perfect.

  6. I purchased the theme in January and I do not have the page.metafield_editor option either. I see the in the comments that is not available in the newer version however it looks like a feature I would like to have. Is it not available because it is not needed? Is there another way to use the product editor feature?

  7. I have the latest version 1-1-1 but page.matafield_editor is not available in my template suffix. Bought the template last February 27, 2019

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