Is Shopify Dropshipping Worth It? Honest Review and Tips

Is Shopify Dropshipping Worth It? Honest Review and Tips


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If you buy something email me at and ill give you a free prize. Trying to make back the money I lost from this so far
Oberlo Where is you pick your products


  1. How are you doing now? Did it ever take off?

  2. dude look into final expense insurance agent do well and you young to or merchant solutions point of sale machines

  3. bro as a beginner you have three niches Beauty, Pet and kitchen put it all in a general store. Sell what the big boys don't sell in these niches you will make it. Avoid fake instagram influencers .Don't do paid Google ads do facebook testing if you will only make 5 times what spent on advertising and when you hit a winner scale. I hope that helped.

  4. great video i knew drop shipping was some bull shit

  5. I'm gonna try that as well and I'm on steemit also. hit me up on steemit or steemchat @jacoknoetze

  6. People would prefer investment but if multiple people are trying to start their own business then they should do it a different way your right it is difficult to be noticed sometimes people just think it’s a scam most of the time(thanks a lot EBay) either way I wish you the best of luck on your small business you might wanna put some IPhone cases in your shop Tio ones with accessories good luck hopefully these words are inspiring for you I know you can do this

  7. YouTube is one of the hardest jobs

  8. Hope I win the iPhone x giveaway

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