Low Budget VS High Budget Facebook Ads For Shopify Dropshipping

Low Budget VS High Budget Facebook Ads For Shopify Dropshipping


Ever since the Facebook ad changes, the strategy to use certain budgets has also changed. In this video, I go over exactly what’s working in 2018 in terms of the budget and also recommend a specific budget that you should be using or testing with in order to find success with Facebook ads.


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  1. Could you make a video about how to set up multiple pixels for the same general store so you can test different products without mixing up your pixel?

  2. How much budget i should to have and what should i do before starting in droppshiping,learning something…

  3. thank you for that you right in my compang low budge with more target give me better result , i can tell you i saw most of the video in youtube but when i saw some video your result is same with me result thank you for best video in this field, and one question can you told us about new feature fb add in addset level (Original campaign and create a test) i dont tested yet i think with this feature low budge with more adset and high budget with spilit test get the same results ?? can you make a video for this ?

  4. I do notice getting sales easier with $5/$10 adsets. Btw, what is people terms of micro scaling means? Is it multiple low budget scaling you mentioned in your video? Vertical scaling totally suck for me now

  5. hi thank you for your video, 5$/10$ is it for testing or scaling ?

  6. You are slowly becoming a pro shopify youtuber shri

  7. When you say the Facebook ad changes, what changes are you talking about?
    What is the date of these changes?

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