Make $50k+ This Q4 With Shopify Dropshipping + FB Ads! (Complete eCommerce Guide)

Make $50k+ This Q4 With Shopify Dropshipping + FB Ads! (Complete eCommerce Guide)


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In this video I reveal a complete strategy to generate a five figure income this Q4 with shopify dropshipping and facebook ads.. this is the exact approach I would follow if I was starting from scratch and this can be easily replicated if just take the advice I provided and put the work in every single day.. thanks for watching!

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  1. Broo can u review my store real quick?

  2. Well I found free $4613a money making system that is really working:(just go to) Great work…

  3. Where is the link for the viral vault?

  4. The video got dislikes because the title is confusing, you told people to not use aliexpress but you actually have to use aliexpress to find the suppliers. A better title would be "Use suppliers directly for scaling your business" of course that would be less clickbaity

  5. Bruh i forgot about q4 and its almost black friday/ Cyber Monday

  6. Jordan, the content is awesome. I'm with, a dropshipping app on Shopify. Would love to collaborate with you, I sent an email 🙂

  7. Let me drop standard shit so that I can sell to you "winners" every month. What a fucking joke these loser gurus are LMFAO

  8. Does your store need a IG account to post ads on the Instagram feed?

  9. Really awesome content. I need to improve my site, but not sure what is most lacking. No sales yet, but only on 2nd ad campaign. Can you please take look? Anyone?

  10. Hi Jordan, very helpful content. Thank you! Maybe you've been already asked but… what software or online service do you use to create this square videos which are used in Facebook ads? Thank you again. Waiting for the new videos 🙂

  11. Thank you Jordan, I watched this a 2nd time and took notes!

  12. Thank you — wrote a lot of stuff down.

  13. This nigga just said he made 800k but is worried to hit 25k subs 😪 bullshit probably tryna sell a bullshit course to

  14. Keep up the good work bro

  15. For a brand new product that is completely unique being produced in China, any recommendations for fulfillment?

  16. Just Subscribed. Great Info. TFS.

  17. Alright guys! I'm ready for your feedback! Go judge my website!
    and If you want to, buy the T-shirt!

  18. angles=adsets with similar audiences

  19. I'm one of Jordan's students and my current winner is performing extremely well in south america and most countries that are hot and humid around the world. Keep the climate and living conditions in mind if that applies to your product! Great video as usual.

  20. Answer me this I have $0 dollars to my name means I have $0 dollars for ads how do I get free traffic to my PLEASE DONT SAY THEN DROPPSHIPPING IS NOT FOR ME

  21. he really said leave placements on auto?

  22. Hey first seeing your stuff. Better than most. General question are all these products that you/others selling for 2,3, $400,000 being drop ship from China which takes 10 to 30 days? The only way i see these crazy numbers is where ship times are low. So do you use US suppliers?

  23. Hi jordán , whit this product you may 50k?

  24. Great vid man! Going in with a plan is key

  25. What's Jordan's Shopify store url?

  26. Thanks Bro, I subscribed within first 10secs, woah you speak fast, struggling to keep notes..

  27. Ayeee dope value my guy 🔥 Working towards those $5k days now

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