Marketing Your Shopify App in The Shopify App Store (Shopify Unite 2017)

Marketing Your Shopify App in The Shopify App Store (Shopify Unite 2017)


Blair Beckwith, Developer Relations Lead, and Sarah-Jane Morris, Developer Community Lead, share best practices for optimizing an app description, tips for successfully marketing to merchants, and Shopify’s plans to improve the Shopify App Store.

0:52 – What makes a great Shopify app?
3:31 – Using Shopify Polaris, SDKs, and Billing APIs to help your rankings in the App Store
4:51 – App actions and their role in promoting your Shopify app
5:51 – How we’re improving app exposure in the Shopify Admin
6:14 – What makes a great listing in the Shopify App Store?
10:55 – How app reviews can help you in the App Store
11:30 – How and why you should connect with the merchant and partner community
16:11 – How you can connect with the larger partner community

Read more about optimizing your Shopify app listing page here:


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  1. Thanks for the insight! The Simile team is building AI powered recommendation widgets for shopify, check us out!! 😀

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