Money Needed To Start Shopify Dropshopping Store | Make Money Online 2019

Money Needed To Start Shopify Dropshopping Store | Make Money Online 2019


We are going to cover the exact amount of money you need to start a shopify dropshipping store. There are so many variables that you need to take into consideration and I believe this video is best suited for you if you have a firm understanding of Shopify Dropshipping already. If you aren’t too familiar with shopify dropshipping it is one of the greatest ways currently to make money online (especially in 2019 onwards).

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  1. Hope you guys enjoyed this video! I am still working on the 100K blueprint and there is an EXACT 1,217 people on the waiting list currently. If you are interested about learning more about the 100K blueprint get on the waiting list here 🙂 –>

  2. Hey dan you should pay it forward and do what Tai does, he asks some questions then the audience answers and just pays it forward !

  3. Thank you for the information!! so much to continue to learn. Wondering when will I feel ready to run my first ads!! 😀 Thanks Dan you provide alot of value

  4. The only thing I disagree with is the costs. This is disregarding business costs. Just to start a business to do this costs upwards of $200-$500 dollars as well.

  5. Hey Dan,I tried a shopify a while back but didnt get one sale,I might try again and will be using ur course!

  6. Hey Dan, great video. What are your thoughts on the "high conversion" Shopify Themes: (1) Shoptimized and (2) Shopify Booster? Which is better?

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  10. i was you 200 thumbs up! !!🔥🔥🔥

  11. Hey i just wanted to let you know, your face cam freezes at 11:25 until 17:45

  12. Is it just me or was it not obvious in the $500 budget plan that buying a theme was going to cost you a very similar price than using apps for the first month but for the following months you end up having much more money for ads or training?

  13. Thank you Dan! Really helpful info like always 😁

  14. What about review apps Dan? Are reviews not that important?

  15. FAQ app HelpCenter is free tho…

  16. So if you buy the theme is it $167 per year?

  17. Thanks dan u really giving ppl the 🔑🔑
    You now reside in the Shopify HALL OF FAME 🙌🏽🙌🏽
    *bows down*

  18. Where is part 3 of the series Dan?

  19. This is good will have to go over at least one more time, not the Shopify expert

  20. Thanks Dan for great stuff, like always 🙂 nevertheless anyone can use free fastest theme together with one App that contains 40 apps in >> – is good for kick cheaper start 👍

  21. best themes is once off. Why monthly for a crap theme

  22. #DanFam I learned that more the money you spend on FB Ads, better chance you will identify winning products.

  23. Use woocommerce and stop wasting money on shopify

  24. This info you put out is really appreciated

  25. I'm from Namibia in Africa. I REALLY want to start but the exchange rate is crazy. With my salary I'll save up forever. PLEASE ADVICE DAN?

  26. Another great video Dan! Thanks for consistently providing valuable and insightful content! I've been using the Shoptimized theme for a little while now – no better bang for the buck, IMO. Don't recall if you mentioned it but it's good to note that they also have outstanding customer support as well…

  27. Dan, what exactly you prefer to go with? #danfan

  28. Can I get a ❤ for Valentine's

  29. #DanFam👉🏻💪🏻 you took us on a whole budget root, starting with low budgets to higher budgets and what's the best thing to do! You also dive in deep into the platforms and apps that we include or should i say " that we need" to maximize our sales and conversions to a whole different level. Its a really great thing that you put out this video because it opens our minds and shows us the path enabling it to be easier and do things rather fast. I love your video, because you guide people towards the right path👉🏻💥 #DanDope💪🏻

  30. do you do any 1:1 consulting?

  31. Just opened, didn't saw it yet, but already know its gold 😎

  32. Always the best advice. Thanks man 👨 🙏

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