My Instagram Influencer Marketing SECRET | Shopify Dropshipping

My Instagram Influencer Marketing SECRET | Shopify Dropshipping


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In this video i go over my secret to making $100’s more on instagram without even trying. The key is to take full advantage of the instagram influencer ad you run. Watch to learn more

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Shopify Dropshipping is a great way to start earning passive income online, it’s one of the single best ways to make money from home as well (if you’re trying to do so). My goal is to relay as much information on to you guys, that way you can find success.

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  1. Need an advanced dropshipping course or 1on1 coaching? Here ya go my friend!

  2. Hi new subscriber here.
    thanks for this😊

  3. It's hard to find big instagram acc's in my country bcs I only want to sell in the Netherlands

  4. Has anyone taken Sam's course?

  5. Very informal information, thanks for the share. I can only speak on what I know. I'm ready for your course. The start of 2019 looks to be shaping up very nicely!

  6. Un contenue de qualité continue comme ça, j'aime ta chaine youtube et ce que tu proposes à ta communauté.

  7. 5 instagram influencers in your niche for $5

    How to contact the Influencer

    Template email

    How to negotiate

    Price to pay

    Post or shout out, blue print with your niche example

  8. hella value my dude thank you

  9. Bro, how many people do I gotta invite to watch to get you to find one influencer for me?

  10. Have not seen it yet, as a matter of fact never watched any 🙈

  11. The Last Jedi had a few good moments but ultimately failed on a few levels. 1. How is that a chapter two in a trilogy? No pay off and trolling the audience does not make a good film. 2. What was that story? An impulse power ship chase? I'm not even gonna get into how lame that is. 3. The characters suck! Fin is a friend zoned coward, Po is a smarmy hot head, Rey is a chubby chosen one with no interesting arc. Her parents were dunks? Whaaaaat? Lame! Yoda was cool, let the past die is a cool message but that was the only decent part of the film. Great video by the way. I'm gonna be jumping back into building my e-commerce income and I was thinking of a similar strategy but this gave me clarity and better direction. Thanks for the value bombe. Liked and subscribed my friend.

  12. LOL, now I know you're baiting me with the SW stuff! The biggest problem with TLJ was it basically undid everything that TFA worked towards… Thats what happens when they hire a different director mid was through a trilogy hahah! Now they have to try and make it all work for the final chapter. /sigh

  13. Hey sam need help scaling my LLA`s. Got a good product, if you are interested hmu

  14. Can you make a video on how to grow your IG pages organically as quickly as possible?

  15. Hey bro. so i found myself a winning product on instagram. i created the store, created a good description. now i have a few questions. do i 100% NEED to have a stores instagram page? i have a very tight budget to start, so i dont wanna spend on buying fake followers and likes on an insta page to have credibility. can i make sales without and instagram page with instagram influencers?

  16. Hey thinking on buying your course, can you please tell me a brief summary of what I will be paying for

  17. Hey, thanks for the straight to the point content, I opened my store 3 days ago and I’ve run 4 IG promotions ($10 40k, $10 31k , $15 180k and one $20 400k) And I’ve only made 1 sale($9) ;(

    With a 0.5% conversion rate do you maybe have some advice? My is site(
    Any tips would be really appreciate in these desperate moments!

  18. Have not watched a Star Wars movie. Ever. But good news is that I will be buying your course this up coming week ! Finally caught up on my bills.

  19. awesome video, keep pumping these type of video's

  20. Cheers Sam, another good vid!

  21. Sam I'm interested in learning some more. What's your email?

  22. Can you help me finding a good product that would make me some money, please? Don't you want to help a bro out 😉

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