New 2019 Targeting Strategy For Facebook Ads | Shopify Dropshipping for Beginners

New 2019 Targeting Strategy For Facebook Ads | Shopify Dropshipping for Beginners


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I show and explain exactly how I create multiple Facebook Adsets for 3 WINNING PRODUCTS! Everything is done right in front of you so you can follow along and see how its done!

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DISCLAIMER: Please use these product and adsets as EXAMPLES. If everyone who watched this tried the same product with the same targeting, this less effective the adsets will become. Success with this strategy is not guaranteed.

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  1. What to do after finding an adset doing 5-6 purchases a day .. or you can say winning adset

  2. Hi did u make a part 2 video to show the results ? I am having problem with scaling.

  3. Ecom- how to utilize instagram Influencers as a beginner

  4. I want to sell one of these products but how to be sure ? Except your opinion how to verify the potential of the product ?

  5. Ecom – A video on your daily schedule. I'm struggling to keep up with this. I'm focusing in 20 3 day a week to learn but weekend comes.
    Not to be afraid to test. a 7 day campaing day.

  6. ECOM – Keep crushing it Baird. Awesome "fluff-free" content. Would really like to see a video on how you do your ad creation (creatives). Specifically video ads and what apps/products/services you're using to create your ads and what your process looks like. Cheers!

  7. Hey You are not scammy!!!! Nice 🙂

  8. ecom-I need that call

  9. Ecom – how do you create ads for your products? Really loved this video btw.

  10. Hey bro! Thanks for sharing this video. Really helpful! I wanna start dropshipping with shopify and my budget is around 250$. So maybe 200$ are all for ads. I ve never been in ads before, so I have 2 questions for you and I would be so happy if you could reply. So 1) is it possible and worth it for me to get into dropshipping and start growing with that much $ to start? And 2) can you make a video on how to make profit with ads with low budget or somehting like that? Hope you understood! Thank you bro☺

  11. ecom please can you do a video on how to find the product video or how to make it and how to do ad copy and thank you

  12. Ecom – How to increase conversion rate on you shopify store

  13. How long would you test these 5$ ad sets for before scaling?

  14. ecom – love your videos

  15. You need to slow down when you speak. Otherwise, its like you are steroids waiting to explode without breathing. Professionals want to engage their audiences to listen, understand, and retain what is spoken. Otherwise, everything said is futile.

  16. Every day their is new E Com gurus wow 😲

  17. why do you not do cost control?

  18. ECON like the content, I just started out!

  19. Keep up the great work, ECOM

  20. ecom best kind of stores to make

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