Link to the code is here ►(Google analytics preference)

Part 2 ►

This is attributed to Ecom Underground creator Mike Bailey. This is a fantastic hack be sure to thank and support him

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Brand new video released! This one is a special one that I have only recently found out about that will change the game even further to help people get extra cash out of their customers.

When I found out about this from a friend, I was really excited to learn it and implement it. I will also be testing the new conversion pirate with this hack in conjunction with one another to see if they work(which they should) to make a Shopify checkout hack like never before.

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  1. my customers are really going with this hack!
    Amazing content as always!

  2. hi, is not working for me! can you help me please?

  3. IMPORTANT: TO ANYONE WHO'S SCRIPT DOESNT WORK I just made a new shopify store and my script wasn't working.
    Call Shopify Support(don't chat, u need to call them): Sound really friendly and say you are trying to activate your google analytics script but you're getting an error saying "{:message=>"Contact support to enable editing of this field."}" .
    If they ask what's it for( they didn't ask me) tell them it's just a script that adds a little bit of trust to the page.
    Just make sure you sound friendly and don't be pushy. Be like, " oh no big deal, just had this little issue hope u can fix it".

    If somehow the first support person doesn't want to do it, keep calling and saying the same thing to every Support until one of them says yes.

    PS: The first time I contacted them they said no, but the second one enabled it.
    Good luck!

  4. Shopify CS told me: So there have been some recent updates made to the google analytics field to help with checkout security; so code like this might have been able to work in the past! But since this update, the increased security can stop custom code like this from working.

  5. Confirmed to no longer work

  6. If anyone has issues with the checkout hack it is due to Shopify making changes. If you don't have javascript field contact Shopify and ask for that field. Further to this, I have confirmed it still works for me, so if you have questions just ask.

  7. definitely your code no longer WORKS, I'm sorry.

  8. in the same way I have loaded the file make the change in the box of google analitycs javascript, but has not made any change.

  9. It didn't work for me .. What am I doing wrong? I did exactly the same steps.

  10. This won't work anymore right… Shopify updated something and it stopped working now… any other solutions?

  11. It did'nt work for me.

  12. This was so helpful! Thank you Ricky you legend!

  13. I completed each step, didnt run into any errors… but my cart format still has not changed. Has this happened to anyone else ? Have you guys run into a fix yet ?

  14. Hey Ricky, thanks for the video, but these codes don't seem to work anymore. I heard it's probably because Shopify is removing the conversion pirate coding from the google analytics page. Do you know how to install it into the store's coding by any chance? Also could you confirm if the paid version is still working? Thank you!

  15. That coaching call is mine!

  16. That coaching call is mine!

  17. Hey Ricky, do you have any experience with shopify payments? I'm looking into them because stripe takes 7-10 days to deposit my money and it's hindering my ability to scale when I have to spend $500+/day on influencers. I'm just nervous about the 25% hold. Know how to avoid this?

  18. k im a bit confused on why the long code looks diff from yours but ill sort it out

  19. Awesome video and love the giveaways

  20. Yea this is cool. Already seen an increase in uptake on my priority shipping offer.

  21. Great hack – looks really professional, thanks Ricky!

  22. Thanks Ricky, one question…on the previous version we had a inmediate discount advise for those ordering right away. Has it been removed? On the other hand, how does this works with ReConvert? Will display on the reconvert checkout or is not compatible to habe both? Thanks

  23. Thanks Ricky.
    Have you tested it out ?
    My concern is customers will get mad and file for higher chargebacks if they find out that it still takes 3-4 weeks to reach them.

    Any thoughts ?

  24. Hey the code is too small compared to your link you gave? Im confused. So that small code is enough aye?

  25. cheers Ricky, this works 🙂

  26. saving the document as a .js on a mac? any tips?

  27. Amazing video ricky may i ask you about something

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