New Nail Vlog!

New Nail Vlog!


I experimented with a new nail shop and watch what happened… #nails #nailshop #review

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  1. its not the length they are not even flush at the cuticle and are way to thick for that length. you were right not to like these.

  2. 😭 I wanna fix your nails so bad. He did a terrible job. Im a super picky nail tech – my clients love that about me. Ive never had anyone leave un happy.

  3. i am a nail tech the acrylic application, shape n polish look horrible !

  4. Sloppy job.. definitely would have them redone… but I’m very picky .. sorry about your experience

  5. I totally agree with you! The polish is sloppy for sure. How do you feel about the shape? I have the same problem where I live. They really need to do better.

  6. Don’t cheat on your nail tech lol

  7. Do more nail vlogs..loving the hair👑

  8. Girl I'm like you when I find what works for me,its hard for me to try,budge from it,lol
    Keep looking

  9. They don't look bad but I wouldn't go back.It look like they rushed especially on that middle finger.What happened to Ming😂😂😂but i think you should experiment with a couple more nail shops before you give up on a new nail tech.

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