New Product Research Method 2019 | Shopify Dropshipping

New Product Research Method 2019 | Shopify Dropshipping


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Hey everyone!

In this video, I show you a new product research method for 2019 to find hot dropshipping products. AliExpress recently released their “Dropshipping Center” which has 3 useful tools for dropshippers.

The “Hot DS Products” tab is a list of dropshipping products that are selling well. There’s over 250 pages of hot dropshipping products to browse from. I like sorting this by category to find hot products within niches that I’m already involved in.

Lastly, the dropshipping center has a “Product Analysis” tab which helps you gauge the sales trend for a certain product. This is very useful to see if you already missed the trend with a product.

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  1. im from singapore and i cannot access dropshipping centre on aliexpress. there is no tab. any reason?

  2. Hi, Gabriel. I have a doubt, where i can find videos from products i wanna sell from Aliexpress?

  3. Last 7 days i was finding this types of tricks.. I saw Rubbish types of tutorials. But at last i get the real tutorial as like i want…
    Love you…. Keep it up brother….

  4. Buenísimo! Me has dado ideas para mis videos!!👋

  5. how is that my aliexpress doesn't have that option ?!!

  6. This was powerful info. You got a new subscriber. Definitely tuning in.

  7. Thank you for this! I am definitely going to use this

  8. yes, I like it and will use it. Why not?

  9. Hey Gabriel. Great videos as usual. I've been researching products using your method plus my own, but what I can't understand is this: on one of your earlier dropshipping videos you say to find products that can't be found elsewhere (Amazon etc) but every product I find on Aliexpress that looks worth investing in, Amazon is already selling. How can products be found that Amazon hasn't discovered yet? Thx in advance.

  10. Excellent video as always! Thank you

  11. Unfortunately, the product analysis part of the Dropshipping Center doesn't work anymore.

  12. I did not find the "Dropshipping Center" tab on my AliExpress account. Help, am a newbie

  13. For those who don't have an option Dropshipping center, you need to go to Help-custom service and to open chat with bot. There you type dropshipping center and u can submit for it, and you are done.

  14. i see that in the product analysis it only has the last 14days , is any data before that irrelevant ?

  15. @Gabriel St-Germain thank you thank you for all the free info !!!
    imagine the gems this guy has in his course…
    these tools are great so helpful!
    thanks again gabriel 🙂

  16. did they get rid of it??

  17. I looked at a few of the top stores and a few at the bottom of the list of HOT DS Items guys & I'm a little concerned! All of the ones I looked at had maximum 10 orders!! Could it be that this is just some list that suppliers pay Aliexpress to be listed on?

  18. This is really amazing bro! you deserve a lot

  19. I love this man ❤💙❤💙

  20. Its not working for me. I tried but there is no tab?

  21. I do not see the tab "dropshipping centre" in MyAliExpress. Is that tab only available for selected regions?

  22. i cant find the Dropshipping center on my aliexpress account !! please how to fix it !!

  23. That Drophipping Center site link worked great. THANKS Bro!


  25. Hey man do you offer 1 on 1 coaching?

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