New Trick That Made Me $18,000 With Shopify Dropshipping In 2018

New Trick That Made Me $18,000 With Shopify Dropshipping In 2018


I just pulled out a report from my Shopify Analytics – and guess what? This little trick that took just MINUTES to execute has resulted in…

Over $18,000 in just 25 days with Shopify Dropshipping (In 2018)

In this video, I’ve revealed the 4-Step Process for you to execute this trick.

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Please Note: The income shared in this video is a personal experience unique to Ritoban. Ritoban and his company, Flying Start Online, Inc. does not guarantee that you or anyone using these strategies will make the stated earning amount if you use Shopify. These are educational videos to help entrepreneurs – not income promises.

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  1. 🏆 Want Me To Build Your Shopify Store? 🏆
    Watch this webinar ➡

  2. Sir when our coustomer receive the product from AliExpress the delivery package will clearly specifie the original product price. In that case what to we do for avoid it.

  3. Sir… Will u explain me that.. If my aliexpress account gets suspended.. So can i make new account.. And start working again.. Or i can use only 1

  4. Am new here,I am not getting from where to start,

  5. Hi Rito, thanks for the video – you really perked me up with your energy. 🙂

  6. Is I have to give on daily basis 20 dollars or monthly 20*30 at the end of the month for fb ads

  7. bro kindly send me your phone number to reach you, arulkumar 9789631611

  8. Being in India can we sell our products worldwide through Shopify?

  9. Hi Rito.. how to target different countries?

  10. literally You will directly go to heaven
    Great work Man
    love from Pakistan. <3

  11. hey man 🙂 first of all i wanna say that you are awesome. i enjoy every second watching you.
    i implament everything you say on my new store, but i build it on woocommerce 🙂 because i count of your words, i wannna hear your thoughts about woocommerce comapred to shopify?
    i just dont wanna spent money of monthly fee+sales fee by shopify. thanks man!!!! 🙂

  12. Rito, if you Ship to Europe. How do you deal with the Customs Office and VAT in those countries? It would be a BIG DEAL if you could provide an answer.

  13. Dear Rito , the buy price and sell price is different for the products we sell and how do you manage to give invoices to your customers worldwide ,when there is a difference in price???if so you are giving invoice , how ????if you send products withouts invoice , sometimes they withhold our products in the customs office and they will ask lot of questions and will ask us to pay huge taxes. how to overcome that???do clarify mty queries as soon possible

  14. hello, i really need some personal help please

  15. you use adwords or facebook ads or reddit ads or waht!!!


  17. Bro I want to sell my own spices brand online and export it can I do so ?

  18. Yes but what Im curious about is how to target those countries in terms of ads? Did you go trough instagram influences?

  19. It's free to start this dropship

  20. sir.. how i start with 0 rupee

  21. Do people generally not mind paying in USD at checkout say from the UK?

  22. i started drop shipping 20016 and am doing great right now 3K-5K a month i will give u some tips that hepled me and will help you :
    1.Patience hhhhh yes most important
    2. Create an Amazing Offer
    3. Avoid Underpricing Your Products
    4. Remove Bad Suppliers Quickly
    5. Automate More of Your Business
    6. Ensure Your Website is Presentable
    7.know the websites traffic (i use similarweb app )
    8. General Vs. Niche Store
    9. Prepare to Pivot
    10. Offer Exceptional Customer Service
    11. Choose Products Based on Figures
    12. Always Choose ePacket
    13. Be Active Daily
    u can send me an email if u need anything

  23. how did u get traffic to your site? how did u advertise?

  24. most truthful and most easiest to understand youtuber covering Shopify

  25. hey dude. my country use mostly cash on delivery. how do I get my profit if they pay using cash on delivery? ?

  26. man, i saw you and other youtubers recommanding to start selling on US, but the traffic there is really expensive, i mean, i once did that and they charge me for 0.11$ per engagement, instead of 0.002 or 0.003 as when i put the ads on like 20 countries… why

  27. Hey,

    Its out of context but which payment gateway do you use in India?

  28. How much of the 18k was actually profit? I am guessing break-even?

  29. do u use china post air mail (free) ? or just Epacket

  30. If we start with some particular countries which is a good suggestion then tell us how to focus ads for those particular countries if we want to do ads with Instagram influencers??

  31. Awesome Video as Always. Im currently watching your bizathon series  so much great info

    How do you block people from seeing your best selling products using /collections/all?sort_by=best-selling and instead redirect them to your homepage?

  32. Hi Rito I want To just Clarify Myself What Do You Mean By Insured Shipping in shipping policy Do we Put Same In Domestic also ?or this is only for International

  33. hey rito.. I hear some people say that the game is changing.. what exactly is changing?

  34. Summer Vacation Is Coming And I Will Open Up A Store Yus That Feeling 😍😍

    Nice Tips Dude

  35. I want you to build my store, But I have a few questions to ask, where can Direct message you ?

  36. Hi Rito, two questions here:
    1. Why cant we target all the countries with e-packet within one ad set? Of course, making sure that the audience size is between 100,000 – 1 million? And then split test into 3 ad sets with different interests but each one inclusing all these countries?
    2. Dont you target nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Finalnd, etc) or Switzerland? They all speak english, have e-packet and on average have more money than other european countries.

    Best! Felipe

  37. Hi Rito, congrats on your amazing dropshipping journey. I have been following your bizathon 3 challenge, I created a store successfully and started advertising on Facebook, but yesterday, they deactivated my primary and business mananger account both stating that I did not follow their ad policies.

    I was really excited to follow along your challenge, but I am now left with nothing to try on FB since all my ad account access has been disabled. Can you provide any help in this case Rito? What can I do to start marketing on FB again? Your help would be really appreciated…

  38. I am your biggest follower of this Shopify journey. Doing the same step by step thing how you show us and up to yet I have done all right just one question comes in my mind was stripe is available in India so how can we set up that and does it allows us to accept payment US or worldwide? it will very help full if you please let me know the thing how works with Stripe which is recently launched for Indi. 🙂

  39. Thanks so much RITO 😀 ! what about the language? do i need to translate the ad copy and the product page or not?

  40. Congrats on all your success!!!!
    Q: If I want to Target Belgium for example (which I am from originally ), they do not speak English there. How to deal with language barrier when doing ads and once they visit your store, everything is in English. Did you need to translate any of the ad copy? Thx

  41. Hey Rito! Have u got result from instagram shoutout? if yes then please tell little bit more in here or if u can make a proper video on this topic. because in youtube all other people suggest instagram in starting🤔

  42. Bro whats your email id i made a store and I'm in 15k loss didn't earned still amature i am from india too bro!

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