Out of the Sandbox – Parallax 3.0 Home Page Setup with Shopify Sections

Out of the Sandbox – Parallax 3.0 Home Page Setup with Shopify Sections


This helpful video guide will walk you through the steps necessary to take you from a fresh upload of the new Parallax 3.0 Shopify Theme to a customized version of the home page resembling the Madrid demo, using the built-in theme settings and Shopify’s new Sections interface.

00:00 Introduction
00:45 What we’re working with (Products, Collections, Blog Posts, Pages, Navigation)
For help with the Shopify platform, check out their documentation: https://help.shopify.com/
02:25 Installing the Theme
03:06 Default Appearance
03:19 Customize Theme – Sections, General Settings
03:50 Recommended first step : Choose a Theme Style
05:20 General Settings – Colors, Backgrounds, Typography, Currency, Search
06:38 Header – Logos, Dropdown Main Menu, Announcement message
13:22 Footer – Content blocks (menus, pages, text, newsletter signup, social media)
15:13 Shopify Sections overview (reordering sections, accessing Product Page & Collection Page settings)
19:00 Suggestion for designing home page, creating a sequence of sections
20:55 Sections – Image with Text Overlay I
22:37 Sections – Featured promotions
24:50 Sections – Image with Text Overlay II
25:47 Sections – Featured product
27:22 Sections – Slideshow / Image with Text Overlay III
28:55 Reordering Sections
29:11 Sections – Featured Collection
30:00 Sections – Rich Text and Image
30:45 Sections – Logo List
32:07 Sections – Testimonial
34:13 Sections – Image with Text Overlay IV
35:07 Sections – Blog Posts
36:30 Sections – Social Feeds (Twitter and Instagram)
39:00 Sections – Collection List
39:52 Sections – Gallery
40:39 Sections – Image with Text
41:17 Sections – Page (Page content)
41:27 Conclusion – Additional Support


  1. Can I put my logo in the middle of the large top image? Or maybe just not upload a logo on the left side but add an image for the middle instead?
    Sadly I want my logo to be big and visible…

  2. Is it possible in Parallax 3.0 Los Angeles version, to have a static header menu? So it won't fade? Thank you!

  3. Hi, is it possible to add multiple currencies? We have purchased this theme and our store is de-senz.com.

  4. Is it possible to add Russian Language for Theme translations? We are about to purchase this theme and our online store is in Russia

  5. How do we make the header white? Not the dark color before the sticky activates.

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