Out of the Sandbox – Turbo 2.1 The New Mega Menu

Out of the Sandbox – Turbo 2.1 The New Mega Menu


* This video applies to Turbo 2.1+ *
This video will demonstrate the setup of a Mega Menu using the Turbo 2.1 Shopify theme from Out of the Sandbox.

For details on setting up a normal dropdown menu, check out the home page setup video: https://youtu.be/ETSA944NIXg


  1. There are 5 default mega menu, how do i add one more mega menu?

  2. I'm using TURBO 2.1 now. If I don't want Mega menu, how can I disable the mega menu effect? I am using the original way to organize and create sub menu. However, I found out that because I've upgrade to 2.1, even with original method, it still represent mega menu effect – which is a huge background comes out. However, because my brand is a pretty new one, with only few products, I don't want mega menu. How can I disable it? Thanks!

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