(Part 7) $100K Shopify Store From Scratch – Setting Up The Siphon

(Part 7) $100K Shopify Store From Scratch – Setting Up The Siphon


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  1. Your ahead of your time!

  2. Jajajaja Give unos segundos

  3. Almost two years later & this is STILL valuable stuff, sad how the audience/views dies out as the series progresses. I love it, now let me hop off to part 8! 😀

  4. this stuff is very organic, Dan is one of the best ones out there on e-commerce

  5. Really great content, as always! Thanks!

  6. how often are you adding/updating blog posts and content?

  7. Again, more goodness. Cheers man!

  8. I am so much more interested in learning about these stuff than whatever the hell they teach at colleges (which is good stuff but boring for me). I just need some push since I tend to get distracted easily when I have to think

  9. Damn bro this video was dope. Looking forward to meeting you in the future

  10. Is all of this information available in the course?

  11. your on the fly skills are great for you. I was taught no step by step anything. you say what youll do but never how. I have no idea how to grab a pixel or anything you mentioned. you do keep saying you'll show a feature in a minute and never get to it. Glad this is free, your enthusiastic for sure! Take care, smb

  12. Dude. you hauled ass through that video lol I'm going to have to watch this 3 times to get it. Hahaha

  13. Hello Dan! Love your videos! So you keep recommending and saying aweber is much better than Mailchimp for Shopify. Why do you say so? What makes Aweber so much better?

  14. Hey Dan,
    I'm a new subscriber, I have been watching a your videos and I think i want to start my own shopify store. Do you recommend starting a shopify without a domain or plan ? I was curious, I want to start drop shipping. This is my first time creating an e comm site.

    Cheers in advance

  15. I had signed up to the email marketing training that was suppose to happen yesterday…no one ever turned up? Myself and a few others were there 30 mins before following the email link and waiting for it to start, I waited an hour and nothing? No updates via email either? Don't understand?

  16. Hey Dan, could you add paypal to profitfunnel as a payment method?

  17. One of your best tutorial yet Dan! Thanks a cosmic amount for uploading this video!

  18. Tell them to like it in the beginning of the video, they are probably closing the window before it actually finishes lol

  19. @Dandasilva how do we optimize our hero images as well as the product pages? Lots of us are using the boundless theme, but are having trouble updating the theme you recommended for usability

  20. This is a really insightful walkthrough, Dan. Definitely applying this!

  21. Absolutely great content. One quick question, couldn't we use custom audience for Video views in Facebook to retarget? I believe it would be easier for us to make our target market watch a FB video rather than make them read an article

  22. Hi dan…. i just want to ask you one question…How many products can some one have in each store, i mean if i want to sell different items from cooking items to pets accessories or even clothing ..?
    Is it that we are going to have more shopify account or what ?

  23. 1.25x speed setting is best for your video!

  24. one of your most valueable videos! you give out a lot of value in this vid!

  25. Hey Dan, thanks for the content. Your videos are really powerful. I hope to one day give back what I learned from you, once I get my store up n running and show off my results and for that, I need your help.
    I am having trouble with registering my company due to my location and because of that, I can't run the store. Is there any possibility that I can talk to you or any of your team member that might be an expert in my field of problems?
    I really think you can help me out.

    Thanks again 🙂

  26. Still waiting to get refunded from Linear? I opted out last month and am still getting charged. Opened a ticket on the help desk and waiting for a response.

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