Pexgle Review – Shopify Spy Tool For Product Research

Pexgle Review – Shopify Spy Tool For Product Research


In this Pexgle review I show you all the pexgle features, price plans and more. 👉(UPDATE: Pexgle has combined the store tracker & page analyzer features into one plan now so it works out a much better deal).

âś…Check out Pexgle here:

This tool is a great Shopify product spy tool. Simply put any Shopify store into Pexgle and get a list of the best selling products based on their “performance metrics”.

You can also get to see the best preforming ads. Just put any Shopify store into this tool and get a list of the best performing Facebook ads.

There’s also Facebook page tracker where you can analyze your competitors’ facebook activity, see their audience growth and engagement.

It’ll help you see their top performing content for your niche and repurpose it for yourself.

This is how to find dropshipping stores and how to find dropshipping products to test on your store.


  1. Good video keep going Alan, start making your own course soon mate.

  2. Thanks Alan. Awesome vid as always. Can you explain (or post a video) how the cash flows? Just getting started and need to know, what type of accounts do I have to set up and which do I use to pay which and which to direct customer payments to? Debit, CC, PayPal, Stripe? How does it all flow?

  3. Great tool Alan. Thanks for sharing. One question. What is the best way to find out where a site is sourcing an item from? Which supplier they are using basically.

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