POD (Print On Demand) Strategy For Shopify Stores (Bizathon4 Ep14)

POD (Print On Demand) Strategy For Shopify Stores (Bizathon4 Ep14)


My 6-Step System For Starting & Scaling A Shopify Store:

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Watch me scale a new Shopify Store from SCRATCH – #Bizathon4

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  1. I Want to sell to the Indian Audience. But the problem is that charges of these US based suppliers are very high when changed into indian currency. Nobody would buy a poster worth 1000 rs. What to do?

  2. hello rito 🙂 does store name really matter? or even TLD? .com, .in . whatever, .store

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  4. Awesome man I like your shopify vids .Keep it . For those asking , POd is NOT DEAD I'm still doing good numbers with it . Key is see what sell on FB ADS suing spy tools. I share that on my channel if you're interested

  5. Love your energy, man. Great content. Nice to see a 'guru' who doesn't come off as a total sleeze. Happily subscribed.

  6. I just saw 1 of your video here on YouTube and I ended watching 7 more good videos from your channel! You are like a mad scientist on YouTube who discovered Shopify!

  7. This guy's energy is off the charts

  8. Your aliexpress page looks different than mine. Are you using some extension?

  9. Is print on demand best for me ?

  10. “This is my Shopify egg…” man you make me laugh … ever thought of doing standup? 😂🧐

  11. Its so hard these days to run shopify store man

  12. How to do this in India

  13. pinterest is one more best way to findout nice T-shirt designs 😎

  14. Awesome as always!! Thanks

  15. I love ur videos too much haha

  16. rito sir is any indian brand for print on demand

  17. Seriously love your character and energy my friend!

  18. 8:01 hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh best part

  19. Can you make a video on how to set up shipping prices for a print on demand site? I'm selling tshirts, phone cases, hats etc and I'm confused on how to setup my shipping prices

  20. Bollywood would take you as an actor have you thought about doing acting you have good acting skills

  21. I just discovered your channel, you're awesome man. I've been trying for over 2 years haven't made any significant money. Congratulations on doing so well, you've had to overcome more obstacles than me since I'm in the UK. Also I love your enthusiasm on your video.

  22. Whattaa energy rito bro.. 🙂 thanks for mentoring us in shopify

  23. I love the makeover bro 😉
    Now pls reply me lyk our “jim carrey” 😍

  24. Do you think that POD brand will grow as quickly as a traditional aliexpress one? I'm having 2 ideas in my mind: 1. Focus on a POD brand only 2. Slowly side-grow a POD brand while making the hard cash from aliexpress dropshipping.

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