Promoting Affiliate Products On Shopify – My First Week

Promoting Affiliate Products On Shopify – My First Week


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During my first week of my project where I’ll be adding affiliate products to Shopify I’ve been doing a lot of planning and groundwork.

The week’s consisted of:
• Choosing a niche
• Creating a brand
• Purchasing a domain name
• Creating Social Media accounts
• Creating a logo

Tune in next week where I’ll start building the site to allow me to move onto promoting affiliate products on Shopify.

• Setup a Shopify store HERE: (2-week free trial)

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  1. Do you have any questions on affiliate marketing or Shopify? Leave them here!

  2. Waste of time. Wasn’t informative at all bro

  3. if i am using the spreader app how do i import other affiliate links without the button saying view on amazon or should i just insert my other links as banners?

  4. very helpful, thank you for sharing that site.

  5. HI i want to start with affiliate marketing and i want to know:
    1- what is the good site for this is it shopify or clickbank or amazon
    2- Do I need sites or programs to start and success in trade.
    3- what is the best way to choose the right products.
    4- what is the way to experience the products.
    5- I have a small amount of money. Is this a problem?

  6. The name checker was very helpful.  Thanks

  7. opening my second shopify store going to use your link hopefully you get paid for it. Keep the videos up bro. Been failing hard on my end but going to keep going until I hit it.Thank you for the videos.

  8. What app you recommend to import products from different resources, I guess Obrelo is only for Ali express!

  9. I have a clothing retailer that I would like to dropship from and as well become an affiliate. How can I set up my Shopify store using my affiliate links? When a customer makes a purchase from my site and I go onto the retailer's site to process the sale. How would I earn the affiliate commission? Would the retailer know that its me purchasing the item and not the customer??! Hope that made sense. 🙂

  10. Oh and for the sake of youtube affiliate stuff you may as well share your web host and domain registering company in your youtube descriptions, they always seem to have affiliate schemes. I use namecheap and they're great, I'd happily recommend them to people. 1 & 1 are garbage though, so if you use them don't promote them because they're dickheads 😉

  11. Fashion + affiliate + free traffic sounds like an absolute mission. Good luck dude.

  12. NameCheckr?? wow this would have saved me so much time had I heard about it sooner

  13. From watching your videos you can tell that with every new project you start you're more experienced and you're getting closer to your goal 😉 Really enjoyed this one! Keep us updated!

  14. Another Liar to sell Marketing what a Joke……………………..

  15. Hi thanks for your video, I have a question, on this endeavour, how much of the process will you source/delegate out to others.

  16. How many items did you decide to add to your store? Are you items mainly from amazon affiliate links or another affiliate program?

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