Replicate Soulja Boy’s $250K Shopify Dropshipping Strategy

Replicate Soulja Boy’s $250K Shopify Dropshipping Strategy



Soulja Boy made $250K this week dropshipping game consoles from aliexpress on Shopify. He didn’t use Facebook Ads, Instagram Influencers, or Google Ads! In this video I explain the exact strategy that he used and how you can go do the same thing!


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  1. I'm working on building a personal brand to drive more sells to my websites. Takes a lot of work but well worth the time and Great video! I subscribed!

  2. I like the rapper personality, and i love some of his old music, motivation artist, but there is something i didn't like about this is he called it his consols, wish he done real games off him or by him in cool game than getting in replica stoled nintendo games, anyways he deserve the best for being motivition person for others at young age, it will made him more pleasure to do real his own, or he can say this was dropshipped and he's doing business not his brand or own if it wasent designed or characters game story and level done nothing to be his own.

  3. Soulja boy going find away to make his money lol. I'm not mad at him.

  4. Yeah, and replicate the lawsuit from Nintendo that he is about to get beaten to death with.

  5. Thanks for the relevant content and detailing real life examples that aren't the same info many you tubers re-spin and regurgitate

  6. whats with the click bait homie, you know the title is impossible when your nobody with no social image lol
    also who knows how much he sold, he hsa been known to lie consistently about how much he earns, im thinking around 50k tops (sales)

  7. Your video title is so unrealistic for the average person. He's been famous for years

  8. Soulja boy is going to get sued. His brand is way too big to sell knockoff video game consoles. In order for drop shipping to work, you need to sell something that doesn’t have any copyrights tied to them.

  9. Soulja boy is the next black jebus

  10. ajaja the shit that elon musk takes is worth more than that nigga soul and yeah people dont know shit about anything

  11. That Ninja Soulja Boy smart… Perfect example of using your personal brand to sell pretty much anything 🤣

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