[REVEALED] Sell These 5 WINNING $100k A Month Products Using Facebook Ads In 2 Minutes 2019

[REVEALED] Sell These 5 WINNING $100k A Month Products Using Facebook Ads In 2 Minutes 2019


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Today I am going to be going through with through 5 products that have huge potential, already doing well but are not saturated. This means we have a lot of opportunity for ourselves to find a viral product.

It is also an educational video on how to find them yourselves so you can market these types of products consistently and make a lot of sales. It is important to note that these products will become saturated quickly so make sure you jump on quickly because 2019 and beyond is now all about testing products that are not saturated due to the rising costs that Facebook and Instagram have for us all.

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  2. thoughts on this????! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWVCkZ1EPl8&t=1s good strategy to find winning products or nah?

  3. Crush it! I would really like to hear about how many products you test, how often you text and how many become winners. Whats your routine from finding a product to getting your first sale? Do you have VA's help with the product page? How long does it all usually take? Do you go back and edit the page further when you start making sales? Do you test all your products on a general store? If a product does well on a general store do you move it to a niche store?

  4. Best content out there!

  5. How come you see that many? I have 2 with "any date"! Thanks for the video!

  6. nice video with good content
    thanks for sharing….
    Is it good to use those products in a general store ?

  7. CRUSH IT!!! Loving the videos… You mentioned that if the video has 50K views that must mean that the website/company must be spending hundreds of dollars. Can't they also be running a PPE and spend $15 for 50K? I see how that would be possible if they were running for WC.

  8. Thanks Ricky, good stuff man!

  9. Am i the only one that counted 4 products?

  10. Nice video! I'd be interested in learning more about taking care of finances and how to manage your accounting once you're making good money with this business model.

  11. “Pushing up breasts Apparently ,Anyways, “

    Ricky Hanes

  12. Crush it
    Thank You for this great video!

  13. Lol these copy paste tiltes from other "gurus"….!!!! Be creative !

  14. Thanks for the the great products Ricky!

  15. I've question please , video views can be sign for purchases ? Because many campaigns for worldwide . Thanks

  16. Amazing video ricky. Thanks for the product ideas!

  17. Thanks A lot Rickyyyyy🙏🏾✌🏼

  18. Fantastic, thank you Ricky! 🙂

  19. Ricky Hayes :

    How much do you make profit per month ?

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