REVEALING My First $15,000+ Winning SHOPIFY Product On My Dropshipping Store

REVEALING My First $15,000+ Winning SHOPIFY Product On My Dropshipping Store


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DISCLAIMER: Any information or advice I give is purely based on my own experience and research. There is no guarantee as there are many variables that will impact your success. Everything stated should be taken as opinion.


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  4. Great information. Thank you for sharing. But for me the triple lip rolls at the end took the cake. Humor is a powerful tool for creating rapport. That decided the like for me. Let those lips continue to roll.

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  6. Just gettiing started. Can I use someone elses video? Or what software do you suggest to make a video? There are so many out there. Congratulations on your massive success online.

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  10. so basically sell it for free but charge shipping? thats smart they think its like 20$ PLUS the 13.78 but theyre getting it for only 13.78 but thats really just all you're charging for them?

  11. is that your net profit or its a general sales without deductions?

  12. What do you do about those long shipping times from the usuals, like allie etc.

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  16. Hey, 6 months down the road has anyone found a better product or niche or would this be my most successful route?

  17. Man… the value on this video is insane.. simplified.. easy to understand.. excited to actually learn more now.. was looking for a role model but now guess found it 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 keep it bro

  18. You the man i appreciate you

  19. where the hell you buy the page at lol

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  21. Great tutorial, keep going.. share more.

  22. I'm at 10 sales, love the info in this. Did you do a video about re targeting after 50 sales?

  23. How much profit did he make?

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  25. Hello, great video, keep going please!

  26. Hey King Comm, Thanks for sharing! my family really appreciates your guidance! Please share more on picking good products.

  27. Very Good Gotta I gotta WEBSITE!!!!!

  28. scary close up bro Fuuuck. that aside great video and funny also like and sub from me mate

  29. I would get more detailed. Does china dropship for you? Who is your drop shipper? How about returns

  30. Hey King, what do you mean by posting on single page; 3 or 4 pages; and smaller page — all these different terms?

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  32. hello dear can i have your email pls

  33. got an affiliate link for alishark? I can at least sub through your link to say thanks for the value bomb

  34. Why did it say your payments were on hold???

  35. I see leggings everyday. The market for them is crazy. Very high demand.

  36. I would like to do this but im so lost on how this is actually working 😭

  37. Did you have to pay the Instagram influencers directly?

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  39. Hey King I just wanted to ask how to you do this?
    The shipping probably took very long and not every one have enough patience…..
    so how did you make a faster shipping from chain to the US ??

  40. I just subscribed because you sound pretty legit and sincere with your advice. I'm green and new to this but very interested. I have no social media whatsoever, I just tune in to YouTube. So I was wondering what recommendations you suggest to get fokes like me started on the right successful path of online money making opportunities.?. Thank you for your, time keep up the good work as I will continue tuning in.

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